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What is Prezi?

Prezi is an awesome tool to present visually in a nonlinear way by making use of spatial cognition, zoom, storytelling, and visual metaphor.

Prezi was created in Budapest, founded by Adam the architect, Peter the scientist, and Peter the entrepreneur. Prezi today has close to 100M users. The word Prezi is short for “presentation” in Hungarian. The global community has created more than 250 million Prezis. Prezi’s Wikipedia’s page has some extra background info.

Prezi is used in education, business, entertainment, and by 75% of the Global Fortune 500 companies.

With Prezi, unlike other slide-based approaches, you have the whole scenario before you, making it easier to relate concepts to locations on the canvas (which is also called spatial cognition). Zooming in you can go into detail on each of the elements on the canvas, enabling the presenter to tell a story in a whole new way. It is kind of mind-mapping (I use Prezi as a mind-mapping tool… none of the mind-mapping tools out there has a zoom feature, imagine that).

Prezi is a cloud-based software. The presentations live in the cloud, where you can choose who can see which presentations. You can also use Prezi offline and bring your deck on a pen drive to use practically anywhere. PC, Mac, Linux, and almost any mobile devices and touchscreen TVs. Prezi works online or offline, in person or remotely.

It is license based, and we are going to invest at least one chapter in talking about the different versions of Prezi and how the licensing works.

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