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Hey there,

We are looking for an enthusiast Sales Development Rep that wants to learn sales the new way, can take the initiative, believe in himself and is 100% honest.

If you are not in NY, and since we’ll provide intensive training, the chances are that we won’t choose you. But hey, we want to hear from you if you have a lot of experience in this position.

A mix of lifted spirit and resilience to rejection and failure (because you believe) is necessary for this role.

The job consists of implementing a prospecting model that includes cold emails and calls mainly. A very precise methodology is in place, and we will provide full training and one on one support until you are up and running.

We offer great career growing opportunities, and since we are an early stage startup, you will have the unique opportunity to influence your work environment, conditions, and expectations directly.

You are resilient. Have the capacity to work on a project until it works, doing whatever it takes. You are not afraid of making cold calls, picking up the phone and having conversations is natural (or you are deathly scared but are determined to crack it).

You understand the importance of relationships in business. You are likable (naturally or because you worked hard to be) and people feels comfortable around you.

Technology is second nature. You use apps and software to make your work and life happier and more efficient.

Money is important to you but more important is to learn and develop your talents, experiences, and skills.


What we want to know before talking with you:

  • Why do you want to work in a sales position?
  • How do you feel about interrupting people with a call they don’t expect? What’s your mindset?
  • What projects did you lead (when a kid, at college, at your previous job) and what is your take away from them?
  • What is your experience in sales, if at all?
  • Tell us more about yourself. Mind your grammar!

If your spirit is lifted, and you are motivated, send us an email!

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