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Please refrain from bidding if you can’t communicate NATIVELY in English, Spanish or Italian.

We need help with completion of our website, our former developer vanished into thin air.

We are looking for someone that knows WordPress very well and can also build simple plugins. We rebuilt our website for simplicity and speed. The idea is to clean the space from old versions as well.

We use Hatchbuck for marketing automation, so all contact forms need to use their API. We also use WooCommerce for our gallery of free templates. We need to send data to Hatchbuck when a free template is ordered through WooCommerce (we use Hatchbuck also for the newsletter).

I would like to add a page with Prezi controls, so we will need to use that API too (is a very simple and straightforward API of which we use only some controls and triggers).

We have an amazing designer, so you don’t need to think about the design of things, as long as you stick to our provided mock-ups.

I am hoping someone that is easy to communicate with, is reasonably fast, and at a reasonable hourly rate. We are a fun group and have permanent work as we have several projects going on.

If your spirit is lifted, and you are motivated, send us an email.

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