Digital Storytelling with Prezi

Digital storytelling has taken on many faces. There is PowerPoint, Video, e-reader, and the list goes on and on. Master the art of digital storytelling through Prezi presentations. This is a double edged sword when you consider the concept. You need to know what makes...
Prezi Examples

Prezi Examples

Looking for Prezi examples so you can take your employees’ training to a whole new universe? According to Training Mag, more than $55 billion was spent on training in the United States in 2012. That’s a lot of money to waste on lectures that aren’t even...

Upper Management Pitching using Prezi

Prezi presentations establish a conversation, not just a presentation. Having a conversation with upper management is far easier than requesting a time to present a new pitch. simply ask for time to have a conversation. Most management members keep an open door...

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