In less than six months, coronavirus has put our world upside down. Covid-19 changed the way we work forever. Indeed, the way of presenting will be different from now on. But we might have a solution that will help with your next sales presentation.

However, working from home has been on the rise for years; it becomes necessary with this pandemic. With a world locked up in quarantine, companies have to apply safety protocols to take care of their employees and keep business going.

But several question marks come up for our sales professionals. If we have lost the face-to-face meeting connection, how will we kick our sales through video conference? 

What can we do right now?

Now is the time to be more connected.

Our clients should be able to get our message. We have to take advantage of our time at video conferences and keep our prospect’s attention. 

It might be quite a challenge. With some months of video conferencing and working from home, everybody is tired of looking at each other forehead and ceiling. Studies show that we attend more meetings a day, but the time we spend on each session is shorter.

It is challenging to get everybody on the same page, but I am sure that we will beat this challenge altogether. 

The new way of presenting

What if we can bring our pitch deck alongside in our video conferences? Prezi Co. has come up with a handy solution to our nowadays issue. Prezi Video has arrived to evolve our concept of conversational presenting. Nowadays, we need to adapt the way our message is delivered and convey our prospects’ needs and questions. 

We can take advantage of each of our online meetings, presenting our sales deck while on-screen. 

Each Prezi presentation can be brought to your virtual meeting, without having to split your screen to make room for your presentation. Your prospect’s attention will be placed on you and your presentation. Within minutes you can create engaging and inspiring presentations to help you make deals in this new normal. 

Referring back to sales presentation that works!, we have learned that human connection is always the key to make your story successful. Trust is built with the collaboration of the speaker and their audience. That’s why we are facing the challenge of making our time worth each meeting.

Prezi Video Examples Prezi Video Design Now

How do you get started with Prezi Video?

Prezi Video is available at any Prezi license. You can even access Prezi Video for free. All you have to do is make your Prezi login and create a presentation. Then, you will be able to import it to Prezi Video and record your pitch. The good news is that you will be able to bring your presentation to any of the video conferencing tools you are already using, such as Zoom or Webex. You can also make a video of your Prezi to handle a copy to your prospects.

Give Prezi Video the chance to help you beat coronavirus without moving from your desk, keeping you and your loved ones safe. Surprise your stakeholders in the next meeting with augmented reality presentations and take advantage of this opportunity to close more deals.

Prezi Video Examples Prezi Video Design Now