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The all-new Prezi Next Course is out!

In this Prezi Next Course, learn how to design Conversational Presentations with Prezi Next across 21 Prezi Training lessons designed to show you everything about Prezi.

The first five training lessons of the course are free, check them out.

In this Prezi Training, you will learn the ins and outs of Prezi Next, starting with the basics and then gradually move onto more advanced topics. We will build a presentation together from scratch while creating a master template for reuse.

Pablo and Guilherme will keep adding content on an ongoing basis publishing bonus chapters, interviews with Prezi Masters around the world, and periodic webinars.

Our teachers will be in the midst of the Prezi Course Community answering questions and helping all the way long.

The prezi Next Course Schedule

01 – Intro
A quick intro to the Prezi Course by Guilherme and Pablo

02 – What is Prezi Next
Prezi Next explained in a one minute video.

03 – Why Use Conversational Presentations
Top-down Powerpoints is an old way to present one-way. Convert your typical slides into a conversation with Prezi.

04 – Starting with Prezi
The very basics, how to get a license and the main Dashboard.

05 – Knowing the Editor
An overview of each of Prezi’s tools and features. Where is what?

06 – Customizing Themes
How to create a personalized Prezi Theme.

07 – Adding Text
Working with text: Placement and formatting.

08 – Structuring the Presentation
A Conversational Presentation is structured in a nonlinear way that aids to the conversation with the right visuals at the right time.

09 – Adding Images
Working with images in Prezi. Insert, edit, crop.

10 – Shapes and Icons
Working with Prezi’s library of icons, symbols, and shapes.

11 – Lines and arrows
Working with lines and arrows. Snap lines to objects.

12 – Animations
Prezi Classic-like animations in Prezi Next.

13 – Editing layers
Working with layers and positioning objects in Prezi.

14 – Videos
Add videos from Youtube or your computer.

15 – Presenting and Presenter Notes
Presenting online, offline and using Presenter Notes.

16 – Presenting Remotely
Present live to your audience.

17 – Sharing a presentation
Share your presentation with your clients.

18 – Downloading a Presentation
Present and work offline with Prezi.

19 – Working Collaboratively
Editing Prezi collaboratively in real time.

20 – Organizing Folders
Organize your presentations in folders

21 – Prezi Analytics
Who watched? For how long? How they shared it with?

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