Prezi Version
PillowMINTS used this Prezi presentation in a unique way: video. This was originally used at a conference meeting in Sydney, Australia. The initial purpose was an investor/partner pitch and ultimately be used on PillowMINTS site. This company is the bridge for corporate company travel arrangements and the travel company. The Prezi presentation explains who PillowMINTS is and where they can take you. Here’s the video:
Video Version

The perfect prezi for a conference – PillowMINTS

To set the mood, Jo Stafford’s “I’ve Got the World on a String” is the music this video presentation is set to. A unique illustration with a Dr. Seuss quote from “OH, The Places You’ll Go” is the first image to set the tone as light, fun, and traveling. The postcards that house the main points of the Prezi presentation are laying, ever so subtly, on a pillow.

As the Prezi presentation zips and zooms around the postcards, you are told details about the travel companies. Such things like: why you should chose this particular company, key takeaways, and the destinations of each travel company. The two companies are Arabian Adventures and AlliedPRA with destinations in such places as the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

The video Prezi presentation ends off with another interesting illustration. There are dot marks on the map showing many of the locations that PillowMINTS can take your corporate trip to. You take a short zooming trip around the map and the presentation ends with contact information to plan your next corporate trip with PillowMINTS.

Overall, what makes this Prezi presentation so stunning and unique is the combination of illustration, creativity, music, and the conversion into video. After first use, PillowMINTS reported the audience gave many “ooos” and “ahhhs”. You can have the same style of presentation designed for you and really “wOw” your audience.

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