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Century Link at the Cloud Expo UK

This was an example of wOw Prezi presentations at their finest. Century Link used this in a video and screened it in booths at the Cloud Expo in the UK. The Cloud Expo is a huge event. It is packed with hundreds of speakers and presentations. Being memorable and easy to understand has great benefits in a situation like that. Century Link showed the investment crowd their future is in good hands, as they offer advanced cloud storage and business management–even the Prezi presentation was played from the cloud!

This sleek 3D concept shows exactly how the cloud connects everything. Detailed zoom in and wide out zooms express detail. The clean background contains circuits to connect the message together. Prezi presentations like this take a complex message, such as cloud based investment, and make it simple and memorable. The audience is impressed by the credibility a simple, yet sophisticated, Prezi presentation gives.

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