prezi presentation

prezi for gravy analytics

This Prezi Presentation for Gravy Analytics is a creative masterpiece. Taking the brand that is the leading local experience platform and expressing it in a Prezi Presentation makes the concept easy to understand. The 3D background makes you feel as if you are moving through the city as it moves from map maker to map marker.

Gravy Analytics focuses on the fact that consumers trust brands they know, everyday people’s opinions, and they shop locally. This fully interactive brand keeps you up-to-date in real time what is going on around you. Events, sales, or whatever the campaign author decides. You can create your own campaign here. This way your next local event gets the exposure it deserves and the Gravy experience.

What is interesting about this Prezi Presentation is that you can use it linearly or conversationally. After the initial Prezi Presentation ends, an additional 360 view of how Gravy works is zoomed through. This helps express the full scope of how gravy can work for your event or your personal life. Prezi presentations like this make the full spectrum of your brand easy to understand.

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