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This one of our professional Prezi presentations is for Open Draw. Its design is informed by the company logo. The 3D background is composed of smaller versions of the logo, and the larger instance is used to house the 8 different sections that are explained. The cognitive approach here was showing real images when referring to physical people and places. When talking about a more complex idea or an abstract one, graphic icons were used as visual metaphors in place of a physical picture. At frame 16, there is a progression through a digital survey on an iPad. Because the survey is at the appropriate place in the story, it helps the audience understand that after the service is provided, the technician only gets paid if he receives a positive review. The colors used are happy and inviting. The use of 3D gives a dynamic feel to the whole layout. The story progresses in a chronological manner, but can be used non-sequentially. Laying out the story in distinctly 8 different sections makes either approach possible.

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