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Prezi.com contracted wOw Prezi for the Worldcup 2014

Prezi contracted wOw Prezi to design this World Cup 2014 Prezi presentation. The main background image is the inside of a stadium. This a delivers a 3D quality in the Prezi presentation. The theme behind it is the Must Watch Players of the World Cup 2014. There are 32 players in total, divided into 8 groups of four.

Each player is captured in a perfect picture of them with the ball. The Prezi presentation zooms in and out from each player making them feel more alive. Next to each one of these Must Watch Players fades in an information box. The box tells you their name, date and place of birth, their current club, and the position they play. Then there is two short blurbs about the player and what makes them hot to watch.

The player’s country flag is in a circular button. The 3D effect makes it stand out and even seem like it shines. This Prezi presentation really grabs the viewer’s attention. All while telling you about the Must Watch Players of the World Cup 2014. Enjoy.

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