In this technology age, you don’t always visit the home office of the people you work with or for. Guilherme Criscuolo has been an Independent Prezi Design Expert for some time and has finally made his way from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Budapest, Hungary to visit the home office of Prezi. Guilherme explained that “It was a really nice experience to meet the Prezi people. The office was very Google Style.”  Lets take a small tour with him.

In the corridor between rooms, there is a timeline of the Prezi history from inception to present. Every big and small accomplishment is drawn in cartoon style and placed above the line.

You can see really see the progression of Prezi as an SaaS and as a place to work. In this picture, you can see when the Prezi band was added.

All the way up to present day. Meeting the President of the U.S. and achieving 50 Million Users! Prezi’s evolution is simply amazing.

Also in this corridor,  there is this wheel. Each level can be turned to create new sentences like: “We Engage Others”. This is a great source of positive energy.

In the reception area there are several things to keep employees occupied. Here you can see the stairs up to the next level. On the stairs there are pillows that all say welcome, just in different languages. Guilherme says “All the people were extremely friendly. The whole environment is very multicultural.”

While taking a break, you can play your favorite instrument and grab any snack or food item you want. Prezi wants their employees to feel calm and at home in their work environment. The make sure there are ways to unwind, relax, and set a positive mood, like with music.

As you can see here, the offices have a very open area floor plan. The loft you can see in the back has several spots for people to relax, nap, and feel at easy. Guilherme explains that “Everyone feels good at work.” With the chance to play video games, snack and nap, and getting to play music, work here is a dream.

He refers to this as the “pink couch room.” You can see all of the different seating choices in the HR department. See the stuffed animal on the couch? While there, one employee had his 2 dogs with him. Guilherme thinks “This is truly amazing that you can even bring your dog or cat to work with you.”

You can see a few more people working here. If you notice off to the right, there is the side of the loft. They have work stations scattered around the central “relax” area.

Guilherme really enjoyed his visit to Prezi HQ in Budapest. His next stop after the first of the year is Prezi office in San Francisco. We look forward to seeing their office there and know you do to. No matter if you work at Prezi on location or remotely from where you are, this is an amazing company to be a part of.
Click here to visit the Prezi office in San Francisco.

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