This past fall (2015,) wOw Prezi made their way to the Prezi HQ in Budapest. Guilherme shared his personal experience of touring Prezi. Now we have made our way to the Prezi office in San Francisco. Hey, we had to be the Experts that made it to both offices! Here is what it looks like at the Prezi office in San Francisco. Guilherme has shared his experience once again as he makes it around the world. A true testament to the global revolution of Prezi.

“The experience was awesome. The first thing is that San Francisco is an amazing city, so beautiful. Prezi office in San Francisco is in the central area a 20 min walk from the hotel I was staying at.” Here he stands just inside the front door of the Prezi office. He was greeted by Ashley Whitlatch, Head of Global Education Programs & Partnerships.

Very similar to Budapest, the office space is open. Here you can see some fellow Prezi people working on bringing you the best experience possible. “I was welcome for Ashley Whitlatch, she’s very nice. The office was a little empty in a Monday afternoon, she said that a lot of people were traveling.”

What would be a day at Prezi without a space to relax and allow the creativity to have freedom? This area is just around the corner from the last office image. As we continue our tour of the office space, we reach the recreation area.
A friendly game of poker and some music are some of the ways they relax. You can see in the top right area a game of cornhole.

Some table tennis may be in line to get that heart rate up. Experts say raising your heart rate actually will help keep your creativity flowing and stimulate those specific areas of the brain. The mats under the picture of the 3 Stooges are perfect for that meditation time or yoga.

Truly being a presentation authority, Prezi office in San Francisco has their own auditorium set up inside. You can see 2 smaller screens to the far right. Above the center of the open floor, there is a larger screen. Testing out new features and presentation concepts at its best!

Fresh fruits and foods are a must. They are the fuel that keeps us running strong. Staying healthy, having fun, and enjoying your work environment is what it is all about.

This is the most interesting feature at the Prezi office in San Francisco: The window to Budapest. Here is a direct look into the HQ at all times. They can easily communicate with each other for work or pleasure. This is 2015. Face to Face interaction doesn’t take traveling the world. But seeing the offices in person does. “They have a very nice place they call the window to Budapest, is a TV screen with a camera that shows Budapest HQ, and they can see us. As was late night in Budapest, there was no one there.”
Thank you for taking this journey with us. Now you have had a first hand look inside both Prezi offices. This modern technology-based age has made the world a much smaller place. Do you work with Prezi presentations? Tell us in the comments below what you think of traveling the world with us to see their 2 bases.

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