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Subscribe to the future of work with next-level talent on-demand for executives and entrepreneurs seeking digital design solutions. We hired the top 1% talent worldwide, deployed a dedicated management model, and assembled everything into On-Demand Creative Services, primed to realize your vision.

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Dedicated Team Model

When you subscribe to wOw Prezi, you gain access to a dedicated creative team, which includes a project manager, design director, and a modular team of creatives to meet the specific needs of your projects. With our fully-managed service, you won't worry about missing deadlines or chasing down designers.

Consistent Top Caliber Creative

We hired the top 1% of creative talent worldwide to provide you with the highest quality work possible. We can help you create high-performing ad designs, capitalize on meme zeitgeist, or incorporate intricate motion design and illustrations to draw users into your brand story.

Speed & Efficiency

Our battle-tested processes, people, and tech can commence design projects in less than a half-hour – any time. Greatness can't always wait, and we can deliver with superhero speed.

Transparent, Predictable Pricing

Our signature subscription model and pricing plans ensure efficiency, with every idea maximized and no dollar squandered. We preemptively estimate each project so that you have total access to your project's realization – no letdowns or surprises.

Frictionless Tech

Our intuitive platform enables campaign planning, turnaround requests, and delivery in record time. We grasp the nuance of impactful creative, and our tools will give you everything, including hygge and high-fives.

Why Us

Our clients tell why us better than we could


Don Gwiz

Lewis Acquatech CEO

The team at WowPrezi are true professionals and really helped to bring our presentation to life. In a world with boring PowerPoint after PowerPoint their expertize, flexibility and speed on the Prezi platform really helps us to be nimble and different… in a great way! We have now worked with them on multiple presentations that have really blown the audience out of the water and plan to continue our relationship on all future presentations.

Josh Fluhr


Exceptional service! One of the very best suppliers I've worked with in almost 20 years in hi-tech. No need for me to ever consider anyone else for Prezi projects. I've already recommended to friends.

Mike Jacobs


wOw Prezi did an amazing job on my design project within an extremely tight timeline. They were easy to work with, very responsive and the final design and output was incredible - exactly what I was hoping for. I especially appreciated their openness to making requested changes (very quickly!) and the promise that they'll stay with me on the project until I'm sure I have exactly what I need. I will definitely hire this team again!

Shannon Lawder

Virtus Inc

A fantastic team to work with! They didn't rest till I was completely satisfied and were quick to understand what I needed from my presentation, my audience and my objective. They ensured that they delivered an exceptional end result through an efficient and consultative approach to project management. Highly recommended.

Rebecca Eastermann

Pillow Mints

Thanks to a network of professionals built over two decades, we solve all your branding and marketing needs, online and off.

Up to a 43% increase in ad performance due to deep expertise in breakthrough creative

Reduced employee churn and increased happiness on various creative and marketing teams

Tripled the rate of learning by empowering teams to produce creativity at scale and test quickly

Reduced employee churn and increased happiness on various creative and marketing teams

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We hired the best creatives globally and built a frictionless design operations platform for you.


20x faster than hiring in-house creatives


96% customer satisfaction rating


50% reduction in average cost per asset


70% digital assets have a shorter turnaround time.

A wide range of creative abilities housed in one roof

Give your marketing and creative teams literal superpowers. You can quickly bring any idea to life, whether it's beautiful illustrations for your ad campaigns, compelling graphics for your keynote presentation, or animated videos for social media.

Unclog the creative process with magical DesignOps technology.

We understand design complexities and have created tools to help you plan your creative campaigns, request design, share files with stakeholders, and closely track progress.

Display Project Management workflow through Basecamp.

Plan, request, and access your team's design and creative projects from a single location, and integrate with tools like Slack for real-time updates. On a purpose-built platform, you can get great creative work done and delivered lightning fast.