What is a Conversational or Nonlinear Presentation? And How To Make one.

A Nonlinear Presentation lets you present in a dozen different ways with the same deck. Choose the visuals that make sense to every conversation.

This Masterclass is delivered by Award-Winner Pablo Povarchik and is a unique opportunity to access high-quality training for free. Don’t miss it.

In this 30-minute training, I will teach you how to:

  • What is a Conversational Presentation? And how to make one.
  • Planning your Nonlinear Presentation from scratch or based on a PowerPoint.
  • Structure your content for nonlinear presenting.
  • Implement easy techniques to bring the power of micro-storytelling to your next presentation.
  • I will share hundreds of templates from different sources to apply what you learn.
  • Create an experience that will engage and excite your trainees, prospects, and investors.
  • Interact with your nonlinear content on-screen in videoconferences instead of sharing your desktop.
  • Apply current technology to make your online meetings more interactive and dynamic.