Microsoft says your trainees’ attention span is shorter than of a goldfish.

Scientific research suggests otherwise; we selectively ignore the constant flow of information coming at us, but we do just fine with what is important or exciting.

How to get your learners engaged and excited with you and your message?
How to compellingly tell your story to engage trainees and keep their attention high?

Pablo will teach you different techniques to implement on your own at no cost to deliver meetings that keep attention high in your next presentation, online or offline.

In this 30-minute training, you will learn how to:

  • Keep attention and engagement high in your training sessions.
  • Create an experience that will engage and excite your learners.
  • Interact with your content on-screen in videoconferences instead of sharing your desktop.
  • Implement an easy technique to bring the power of micro-storytelling to your next presentation.
  • Apply current technology to make your online meetings more interactive and dynamic.
  • Structure your content for nonlinear presenting.
  • Access hundreds of templates from different sources to apply what you learn.