To Your Sales Meetings

I help sales teams (and other revenue-generating groups like Marketing and Finance) to transform the classic, annoying PowerPoint pitch into nonlinear, engaging experiences with Conversational Selling and Prezi.

For some, I am just the Prezi Design guy; my clients know that they can throw an outline my way, and my team and I will design a gorgeous conversational presentation out of it.

In many other cases, though, my job is to help my clients adopt storytelling in their business at a deeper level, and I do this with a combination of Design, Training, and Consulting.

A typical project with a CRO’s team involves producing and designing a sales presentation, teaching the sales team how to use it to apply the Conversational Method in their meetings, and ongoing support with design, consulting, and do-it-for-me tasks.

In a different scenario, I am hired by the CMO to help create their Corporate Deck and a Prezi Template, as well as teach their team how to make more presentations with Prezi based on that template.

I am often also approached by CFO’s tired of delivering seemingly endless presentations filled with data that hinders the Story behind the numbers and, therefore, the Message to convey and the Dream to build in the stakeholders’ minds. Data visualization techniques are often a big part of it.

If you would like to have an open conversation about how your team is presenting today, what are their challenges, and the possible solutions, get in touch using the form below.

Pablo Povarchik - Prezi Expert