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A Prezi Example: 10 Curious Facts About Dreams

Dreams, they certainly are amazing. The ability that we have, as simple human beings, to create a completely alternate universe, is beyond remarkable. But, although we know that there is a remarkable factor within the ability to live a life of wonder, by the mere closing of our eyes, and lulling ourselves to sleep, do we really know all of the possibilities that sit in the hidden places of our psyche? Well, let’s take a look at the ten most interesting facts about dreams with this Prezi Example.

  • Blind People Can See in Their Dreams: Did you know that, despite their challenges during everyday life, blind individuals are able to see things while they are dreaming? This is a phenomenon that has been studied for ages, yet is still not fully understood.
  • You Can Control Your Dreams: Have you ever gone to sleep thinking about how delicious breakfast was going to be, and then dreamt of exactly that? How about forced yourself to wake up during a scary part of your ‘nightmare’? You’re actually able to control your dreams. Sweet, huh?!
  • Dreams Speak in a Secret Code: Though I wouldn’t necessarily go in search of an interpreter of dreams, it has been said that your dreams are speak to you in some sort of code. Cool, right.
  • Dreams can Provide Solutions to Real Questions: We can surely get tired mentally, and sometimes it seems like there are things that we are facing, that we cannot find any solution for. Luckily, our dreams hold solutions that we have not even thought of.
  • We Become Paralyzed When We Dream: Within our dreams, we are doing all sorts of things. Our amazing bodies become paralyzed during our sleeping hours in order to keep us safe as we dream.
  • We Break Rules in our Dreams: Rules… What rules? Whether it is something that you have been thinking about doing, or just something that has never been thought to be possible before, we break every rule as
  • We only Dream About Familiar Faces: Our minds put together images through the things that we have seen before. That is why it seems as though we are always dreaming about the faces of those that are already staples within our lives.
  • Dreams are Responsible for Recharging your Creativity: It is important to get to sleep and allow your body to recharge from the previous day, for the day that is ahead. The same goes for your creative ability. Dreams allow for a complete recharge of creativity, as well as enhancing your creative mind.
  • Animals Dream Like We Do: Did you know that your little dog and cat are dreaming as they curl up for their evening nap? Well, animals dream just as we humans do.
  • The Dream World can be Influenced by the Real World: Be mindful of what you’re receiving and taking in during the hours prior to you hitting the sheets. Dreams are directly impacted by what is going on around you, in the real world.



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