Presentations, especially Prezi presentations, provide the service of mass communication while still maintaining a sense of personal interaction. They give the salesman the ability to showcase every angle of their product and can use the human psyche to their advantage.
“Don’t sell yourself short!” People tend to toss that around every so often when they think you are capable of more. We are here to tell you that you are! Being a salesperson is an art. It involves the ability to know your customer; they will tell you it involves Sherlock or Freudian level abilities to read character. It requires you to be likable and engaging. Smile like you have the other person’s best interest in mind. Be convincing, but give room for the listener to make their own choice, as long as that choice is in your favor.
Crush the competition, without actually acknowledging your competition, by drawing comparisons. The idea is not how the object of the sale in question will change the consumer’s life, but how meeting you has changed their perspective of life. Sounds a bit heavy doesn’t it? Luckily for you, modern advertising employs presentations as a medium of promoting products and ideas which can lessen the burdens of these classic salesman principles.

Here are three key Tips to Selling with a Prezi Presentation:

1—Know your audience

While the basic idea of knowing the mindset of who your viewers are remains the same, it is important to know that in a room full of people, various people will have different mindsets. With that said, there are studies that suggest the human mind is programmed to function in a set, intrinsic manner. These studies have shown how certain colors and fonts have made more of an impression on an audience, and how these color schemes have in fact influenced their judgment. Think about it: big, colored, and attention-grasping is more likely to appeal to you than dull and dreary.
Prezi provides multiple preformed templates that are great for presentations. Not only are they newer compared to overused and typical has-been designs of presentation software of the past, Prezi templates can be personalized and animated to a greater extent, making your presentation hard to forge.

2—Showcase your product from every angle

And we do mean that literally. Prezi provides a unique feature that allows for products and models to be presented in 3-D, which can make a large showcase of your product for viewers to appreciate better.
As a sales person, it is important to go beyond face value. Sure, you could show your product flying in from one corner of the screen with an interesting tag line somersaulting its way to the bottom of the slide. It’ll be entertaining and unforgettable, but also impersonal. You want to have people remember your product, not what it looks like. When they leave they want to feel like they know the product inside out, and really know what they will be gaining by buying in on your idea. You can further make use of various data-presenting features such as graphs and charts to support your cause, and make it more convincing by referring to research and studies to make your presentation more rigorous.

3—Narratives and jingles

Almost all commercials use narrative and catchy tunes to subconsciously infiltrate their audience’s mind. This is why you will find yourself singing a certain jingle on the car ride home as opposed to being able to remember vital information.
You can now add narrative and show tunes to your presentations, too. With Morgan Freeman’s voice clip to vouch for your ideas, there is no way they could resist you! On a serious note, variation in sounds and visual stimuli are more appealing to people, and it keeps them engaged for a longer time. Using unorthodox presentation methods can help in convincing your consumers that, like you, your ideas are something novel.
Prezi also offers the feature of adding sound and movie clips to a presentation from direct online links. Moreover, if you have already made a presentation that has the necessary detailing and do not want to go through the trouble of redoing them, Prezi offers the use of presentation import facility that allows you to open a presentation within a presentation. You and your audience can experience your very own Inception moment.
Whether you’re trying to sell a winning idea or nifty product, Prezi is your ultimate sidekick. It can help bring out your strong suit and put your best foot forward. In this world of corporate sales presentation, you will never sell yourself short again.
At wOw Prezi, we rebel against PowerPoint’s status quo and are in a mission to save the world from deadly PPTs, helping sales teams to transform stiff, slide-based presentations into fruitful, revenue-generating conversations.
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