How does it feel to have a complete list relating to a new technological concept? It’s a blessing in disguise. This list was exhausting to create and is the most comprehensive one you will find to help you fully understand the many features and uses of Prezi. You will be amazed by reading these unique features and uses, as well as know how to make the most out of Prezi.

Now let’s have a deeper look at each unique feature:

1. Outline your projects

It can be used to outline your projects. You can use timeline templates to keep track of important projects.

2. Information Visual Representation

The open canvas promotes a visual big picture to represent your information.

3. Size of Details

Prezi is a very visual medium. Its scalability is a unique feature that allows users to stress the importance of specific subjects.

4. Add Audio Files to every Framework

Prezi allows its users to add audio files to every framework in the presentation, so spectators can listen to narration accompanying the visuals.

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5. Wide range of GRAPHICS

Prezi offers a wide range of info graphics and with its symbols, you can visualize everything.

6. Black Screen with ALT+B

Another unique feature of Prezi is that if you would like to keep your audience focused on you and not on your Prezi, you can just press the ‘B’ key in your presentation and momentarily black out your screen.

7. Download and Present

Prezi can be downloaded and presented on any device easily.

8. Add Background Image

You can easily upload a background image into your presentation. Just choose an image from your computer and upload it in your presentation.

9. More Choice of Sharing

Prezi offers more choice of sharing. Your Prezi can be kept in the public domain and accessed by everyone on the Internet easily. At home, people can steer the Prezi themselves, study connections of ideas, and visualize perception.

10. Access Google Images without Leaving Prezi

Now you can pop in Google images without ever leaving Prezi. Yes, that’s correct. You can do an icon search in Prezi and pop in straight into your presentation.

11. Prezi as Scoreboard

Prezi can be used as a tournament scoreboard.

12. Prezi as Scavenger Hunt

You can create a Scavenger hunt.

13. Prezi for Education

For education settings, it can be made into a review game like Jeopardy.

14. Presentation in Android Phone

You can present to an Android phone while on the call with the person.

15. Pre-Developed set of Color

Prezi color font contains a pre-developed set of color palettes that you can apply to your presentation globally.

16. Embed PDF in Your Prezi

You can import PDF files in your Prezi.

17. Share Prezi on Social Media

Since a Prezi lives online and can be made public, you can easily share the link to your Prezi on social media platforms including Facebook, twitter and so on.

18. Share Folder

It is now very simple to organize your Prezis by using the shared folder feature.

19. Creative animation with using fades INS

In Prezi you can zoom and now you can use its animation feature to fade the content within frames.

20. Group Multiple Items

Multiple items of content can be grouped and manipulated together in your Prezi.

21. Ratio Feature

With Prezi’s ratio feature you can easily see how your Prezi will look like before you present it. Sometimes it is 4:3 for a projector, in other cases it’s 16:9 for large screen monitors. With this new feature you can preview exactly how your Prezi will appear in various different ratios.

22. Create a New Text Box

You can add text to Prezi to create heading and labels. Open presentation, in which you want to add text box then double click anywhere inside the presentation to switch from show mode to edit mode. The text box will appear automatically.

23. Draw and Resize Straight Lines

You can draw and resize straight lines and arrows on Prezi and bend them as well to make whole processes easy.

24. Create a Profile

All Prezi users have the ability to create a profile that includes photo and short description.

25. No Need for 3rd Party Editors

You can now save your time by cropping images without using any third party editors to set up your photo.

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26. Create Your Own Branded Prezi 

Design professionals can now create branded Prezi themes for free by using CSS editor. With an upgraded account, you can add your logo to the bottom left corner of the Prezi. This allows your presentation to be branded to you.

27. URL Embedding

Now it is very easy to put live links into your Prezi. Just copy and then paste the URL into your text box. Then click away from the box and your link will become active. You can also visit the website in a new tab and then return to your presentation where you left off.

28. Skype with Prezi

You can also use Skype as a communication tool for audio during Remote Prezi meetings.

29. My Prezi Collection Feature

Sometimes you may want to reuse some of the elements of Prezi and with its My Collection feature, you can add your content in it and reuse it any time.

30. Prezi Text Editor

The text editor feature in Prezi has an amazing alteration in recent months. There are currently some lovely new features in it that will make your life easier, including spellchecker.

31. 3D Backgrounds

You can add 3D background to Prezi to add more depth in your presentation. When you add an image using this feature, the 3D effect is handled automatically. You can add up to 3 different backgrounds. When you zoom closer, the background changes. This gives a new dimension to 3D presentations.

32. Spell Checker

Now when you spell something incorrectly, Prezi will highlight the word or mistake with the help of spell checker

33. Scaling Layout 

An incredible feature is that the layout will mechanically scale to the objects, when you place them subsequently on your canvas.

34. Prezi explore Page

Prezi also offer an explore page that helps you have access to content from other presentation including animation and sound effects.

35. The Transformation Tool

The transformation tool has been one of the signature elements of the Prezi experience for a long time. The tool was created to keep all functionality together in one place like: Scaling, rotating, resizing, deleting frames etc. It helps in sizing your objects and text much more easily.

36. The Shift key

Another, and probably slightly easier way of moving lots of objects at once is to simply hold the shift key down on your keyboard and drag across the canvas to select all the objects you needed.

37. Hierarchical Relationship

Hierarchical relationships can be emphasized using the zoom feature which also allows you to hide certain aspects of the presentation until you want them shown.

38. Undo Feature

Prezi has options to undo adjustments backward and forward.

39. Help and Settings

Prezi have links to various help support resources and settings.

40. Printing a Prezi 

Printing a Prezi is available through both the online editor and Prezi Window and Mac. Printing a Prezi first converts the Prezi into PDF document before printing it.

41. Autoplay

While presenting your Prezi, you can set it to play automatically with Prezi’s autoplay feature. This feature will automatically put your Prezi on the loop so audience can enjoy it all. You can choose from 4, 10, and 20 seconds per frame.

42. Prezi as Remote

You can remote a presentation from your mobile device to another device and use the use the mobile device as the remote.

43. Duplicate CTRL+D

This amazing feature allows you to duplicate any text or element.

44. Better Collaboration

With the addition of its unique collaboration sidebar, it is now simpler to co-create presentations with Prezi.

45. Prezi for Window and Mac

Prezi for Windows and Mac is a unique Prezi application that allows you to present offline any time that you want.

46. More secure

You can easily put all your information in one window and can control who will see it or can edit it. You can change your privacy setting easily.

47. Prezi IPhone App

Prezi can be used on IPhone. With the Prezi for IPhone app, you can download Prezi for your IPhone and view them.

48. Prezi CSS Editor

Professional designer can now use Prezi themes to make stunning design. The CSS code of Prezi theme is now available for customization.This new feature has been added in Prezi editor. It was quite tricky to align images in Prezi in past. Now when you rotate an image, it quickly sets into position.

49. Right Click Menu

The right click menu has options of copy, paste, cut, and delete. You can also send images forward or backwards, creating image layering and depth.

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50. Copy Pasted Text 

Now you can use your computer clipboard to copy text from a document and paste it into the editor.

51. Square Bracket Frame

In Prezi presentations, you can use three types of frames for making presentations. The most used is the square bracket frame.

52. Invisible Frame

Invisible frames are a unique feature used for controlling how far you can zoom in on your object.

53. Bullet Points and Indents

Another new feature in Prezi’s text editor is the choice to use bullet points and indentation. This makes your business presentation much easier. Even though everyone should avoid using bullet points, the option is there.

54. Prezi Home Button

Now, Prezi has a Home Button. No matter where you are in the presentation, you can click the home button to go back to the home. In presenting mode, it will disappear, but if you mouse over the right section of your presentation, the home button will appear.

55. East Asian Fonts

Prezi included Chinese, Japanese and Korean Fonts. Now you can find East Asian Fonts in the Text Style Configuration.

56. Prezi Video

This is a major update. Now with Prezi Video, we can turn every Prezi presentation into a Video, present in real-time with the content next to us, in augmented reality. Also, we can create a video of the presentation adding a voice-over to it. There’s even the possibility to turn a PowerPoint Deck into a Prezi Video. If you want to learn more about Prezi Video read our article, 6 Questions Everybody Is Asking About Prezi Video.

57. Advanced Image Editing

Now, we have the possibility to use the Advanced Image Editing tool to fully modify images inside Prezi.

58. All Projects Quick Access

You will find a new button on the top left corner of your Prezi Dashboard. With the All Projects button, you can access your Prezi Presentations, Prezi Video Presentations, and Prezi Designs that you created before.

59. Presenter View

By accessing the Prezi’s Card of a presentation, you can access the Presenter View. The Presenter View is Presenter Notes, where you can set cues and verbal prompts only you can see while presenting.

60. Screen Ratio

Prezi let us choose the screen ratio. Depending on if we are presenting on a widescreen (16:9) or in a projector or mini-projector (4:3); we are going to choose the screen ratio of the presentation.

Now you know about many of the unique features of Prezi. Though there is not a complete description of every idea, it does give you an idea.  We know how overwhelming it can be when you first open up the edit screen of Prezi. From the grid lines to only having 2 buttons to choose from, it seems like a whole new world. This list should make you feel more at home. Prezi is simple to edit. The customization options are specific to their operation, unlike other presentation software.

When I started using Prezi, at first I had to look up the whole internet to find my solutions. I think you should try Prezi for making your presentations. Each and every step has been defined. It may look vague and unclear at first, but once you will start reading you surely will develop some interest.

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