When a presenter speaks during a presentation, he has about one minute to capture his audience’s concentration and establish his credibility. However, if he is unable to engage the audience, he will not be successful, no matter how strongly he presents his presentation.
What’s wrong with his presentation? The choice of presentation tool is wrong, because many presenters use old and tedious technology like PowerPoint. Have you ever wondered if there can be a tool that could be called “life giver” to a presentation? I understand that the choice is complex when discussing the best presentation platform. Whenever we are approached with something new, it’s natural that we first consider the bad in it. We must overcome this attitude. Let’s bring down our natural pessimism and discover the positive results when you choose Prezi.

Importance of an Immaculate Presentation

Albert Einstein said, “It is the supreme art of a person to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” It needs to be understood that even though a good presentation requires a variety of tasks, the hardest to tackle is engaging the audience and gaining their interest.
This is a tricky point. An audience can only be won over by projecting the right kind of enthusiasm along with the best possible resources. When promoting your product, you need to have a concise and engaging way of presenting your material. If you choose Prezi, you have been provided with a remarkable program to aid you in creating an interactive presentation that will be both catchy and easy to comprehend.
Your presentation must have visual consistency. Otherwise, you are wasting your time, because no one wants to know the pointless stuff. Adding relevant pictures to your presentation is the best way to convey your message to the audience. Prezi lets you zoom in or out to emphasize the details. Prezi has an open canvas that allows things to jot down at one place as a whole but having significance in their own way.

Choose PREZI – The Manipulation of your thoughts

To give an astonishing effect to your presentation, Prezi is the best choice for presentation software. It helps you to gain the interest of the client with outstanding results by its outlay of your presentation. You should consider it the best choice available for making a presentation and gathering leads for your organization.
For the last 25 years, people have been using PowerPoint to get this job done, but now the technological world has been revolutionized to an extent where nothing is impossible. Prezi is a new, modern platform that gives life to your story. Its graphics and animations add in a 3D effect which engages and attracts your viewer.
Prezi has perks that no other software can offer. If you choose Prezi, you will never switch to any other platform for presentation software. It brings life to an idle presentation. The high resolution open canvas makes things interesting and appealing. The illustrations are amazing, and the zooming interface complements these illustrations.
A prezi gives an impression of life moving over an online canvas, which is the most interesting part enjoyed by the viewer. You must compare the benefits of Prezi with other commonly available options, but we think you will agree that nothing can trump the outstanding features of Prezi.

Why Choose Prezi over PowerPoint?

Prezi claims to offer the most advanced and user-friendly features which PowerPoint is incapable of offering. PowerPoint, with the same static features since 1987, cannot bring any change into your presentation. It has a limited set of animations that often take too long to appear. The effects are unprofessional. It has all those bell sounds which deduct professionalism from your presentation. Slides in PowerPoint are dull and static. It strains the attention span of the viewer, and they start getting bored.
To review any single thing back and forth you have to go along the whole presentation. That doesn’t look good. In Prezi, the wide variety of exciting features–zooming interface, hand design graphics, high resolution open canvas, and embedding of audio and video files–makes it an interactive presentation. Also, the viewer enjoys a symmetric flow as the presenter goes along that has no comparison, whatsoever. The more lively you make your presentation, the more results it will get.

The most important among these are:

Easy Editing:

Prezi has made it extremely easy for users to edit their presentation, both offline as well as online. All they have to do is employ a common tool palette and they are free to zoom, resize, rotate and edit the object in whatever way they wish. This is applicable for videos, images, texts, and everything else.

Collaboration And Co-Editing:

It has come as a relief that Prezi has provided the ability to multiple number of people (up to 10) to work simultaneously on a presentation. This has solved the problem of merging the data separately. You can even edit a presentation at a late stage by clicking on the link provided. Within 10 days you can make any change that you might want to.

Compatible to all Platforms:

Prezi can be accessed, made, mailed or viewed on all platforms. It’s a technical software which matches the compatibility of not only Android operating systems but also IOS, Windows and Linux. This is a very convenient option developed for people who own iPads. With the Prezi viewer, you can get access to any presentation that you created online. It allows you to pan, and pinch in order to zoom in or out of your media.

High Resolution Open-Canvas:

The best part about Prezi is that it helps you in getting rid of the monotonous slide-based style of presentation. You can add and manipulate any kind of content, anywhere you want to.

Free and Web-Based:

One reason why Prezi is considered highly user friendly is because you don’t have to pay anything to get access to it, unlike PowerPoint. Also, you do not need an office suite in order to operate Prezi. All you have to do is create a free account (which you can do using your Facebook account also) and you are good to go.

Visual Link:

The fact that Prezi gives you the ability to move the images makes the presentation much more interesting, because while describing a particular thing, you are capable of moving the images in. That association helps your audience to remember things more distinctly.


It is true that PowerPoint has been in use since 1987 and a lot of people might find this transition from PowerPoint to Prezi a little inconvenient. When you compare the features offered by the two, you will have a big motivation to switch. Some of the reasons why PowerPoint is not the ideal software are:


The format of a PowerPoint presentation gets really boring. You have to follow a sequence of slides, and it fails to grasp the interest of the audience. No matter how hard you try, the slides will never be catchy enough to get you the desired level of appreciation.

Large Files:

The problem with PowerPoint is that if you add any kind of images or videos, the size exceeds. The file becomes big enough to cause problems while trying to send it via email.

Loss of Nuance:

Another problem with PowerPoint is that generally the method used is the creation of bullet points, otherwise the reader loses his interest in the slides. In an attempt to keep the reader interested, the actual message gets lost and any complexity or the importance of the message does not get delivered the way it should have been.
Prezi offers you an extremely user-friendly and high resolution option for presenting your skills to the people in the most effective way.
A little bit of practice with this software can help you create wonders in your business, as yours will be the strongest message reaching the common masses through the most competent medium!
Do you want to engage your audience during your presentation? Choose Prezi and use it in your presentation to see the difference. Ditch PowerPoint and play with the 3D,  modern technology of Prezi, which will instantly grab the attention of your audience with its stunning visual aids.
Share your experiences with us and let us know what changes you have found in your presentations after you choose Prezi.

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