Do you ever find yourself giving an important presentation and find yourself wanting compared to the other presenters? “Why aren’t I as good as them?,” “How should I make my performance as good as theirs?,” or “Where did I do wrong in my presentation?” might be the questions rushing through your mind after delivering an ineffective presentation. Well, as far as this is concerned, the problem is not out of control if you choose to learn the solution.

To get rid of the questions like why people are staring at the clock every once in a while, and why are you feeling lost during the delivery of your presentation, the answer you are searching for is: PowerPoint failed you! The problem lies in the approach, in the tactics and, basically, in your choice. To opt for PowerPoint over Prezi is a mistake! If it was all about being misguided or being unfamiliar with Prezi’s qualities, then you now know where the crack is! Now is the time you can get your boat back afloat rather than sinking it. Now is the time you can get back into the race of high bidders with an equal amount of passion in your eyes and luck on your side!

Here, to make it easier for you, are 7 qualities of Prezi that will prove to you that you have done wrong in letting yourself neglect the remarkable facilities Prezi offers to its users.

(1) Can’t see? Let’s Zoom In!

While you deliver your presentation through PowerPoint, there is a number of people who might get distracted or bored owing to the fact that they could not ‘see’ what was going on. This problem is physical and you cannot fight it, unless you keep a pair of binoculars in your bag. Who does that? No one. It’s your problem and it’s YOU who need to fight with it by coming up with an idea that could ease the audience to learn from your presentation. Prezi solves this issue by simply giving you the benefit of a zoom function. This way, you can use the tool of ‘emphasis’ during your presentation so that the audience can be on the same page as you are. Can you do it with PowerPoint?

(2) 3D—Visually Compelling Presentation

With its flexible, highly advanced visual aid, Prezi gives the audience the feeling of what they are learning. Visual aids are used to give the audience a better concept of the subject matter. A subject that would otherwise have taken 10 minutes to get explained takes 5 to give a concise comprehension to the reader. Where PowerPoint could be considered lined paper and a pen, Prezi can be considered as a blank canvas and paint. This quality lends itself to creativity and highly graphical, as well as visually compelling, presentations.

(3) Digital age calls for digital presentation!

The time and space calls for its own particular needs and requirement. You cannot simply live in the 21st century and use Windows 98 to meet your needs. During your presentation, if you are looking for better aids like videos to help you deliver an effective presentation, Prezi is your friend! It allows you to embed videos of high resolution and lets you stick other elements directly into the presentation as well. This way you won’t feel the need to disrupt the presentation flow by minimizing your screen and hastily opening another online platform. Rather, all the tools you need would be on the screen. On the other hand, with respect to this quality, PowerPoint is so last year!

(4) Sharing Makes Learning

Prezi has the ability to share presentations online with up to 10 audience members. This makes collaborating on projects easy for people who are working on a project in groups or crew. This also explains that Prezi is free and web-based and anyone can work from any computer with an internet connection. You do not need to download any programs onto your computer or, for that matter, carrying it around on an external hard-drive/flash-drive in order to present.

(5) Sugar, spice and everything nice!

It is hard to believe that one piece of software could do such wonders. Who doesn’t like glitter? Everyone remembers Cinderella’s shoe because it was sparkly and delicate, also, very fine. Just like that, why not make your presentation a Cinderella shoe?

This is just another way to say that Prezi lets you insert images, audios, videos and not just that, it lets you design all the pages of your presentation. The design aesthetic of PowerPoint is the same as an old slide projector, the way it was done when people didn’t even have televisions at home—while Prezi was designed to be 3d, and to incorporate Google images and internet content from the very beginning. Words, people can forget; looks, they cannot!

(6) Cloud—As Prezi’s home

This does not literally mean that it lives in a cloud; all it means is it lives on the internet and therefore is easily accessible from almost every nook of the world. One can host it online while you are traveling in any part of the world. You can deliver your presentation from your browser, your desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

(7) Prezi—a visual and psychological aid

The best, and by far, most important quality about Prezi is that it fully supports the audience, visually and psychologically, as the information is arranged spatially. In addition to that, the zoom feature visually helps to explain the connection between different points and ideas. Just as body language helps to deliver the message, just like that, Prezi, unlike PowerPoint, helps the audience to untie the knot of complexities in concepts and puts them in order, thus relieving the audience by learning something out of it.


Looking at all these qualities, you surely get the idea that the choices you made in the beginning were based on weak grounds, with no credible roots. What do you need now? First of all, the confidence to make the choice of opting Prezi over PowerPoint! Why? Because it equips its audience with advanced privileges like 3D visuals, modern art like rotatory images, and good quality videos of high resolution, perfectly suitable for the time and space you are a part of.

This is all that you cannot expect from PowerPoint. Don’t feel bad, most people started making presentations with it. But now you know what you need to do. Your vision is clear to see which is better, so what are you waiting for? Make the switch!

Prezi is your answer and if you need any help regarding it, you do not have to worry at all. You have us to show you the path to Prezi paradise!


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