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10 Tips for First Time Presenters

Giving Presentations—10 Tips for first time presenters

1. Take ten deep, stomach level breaths.

2. Get a hug from a loved one before walking into the stage.

3. Take a strong serving of matcha tea (make sure it’s premium quality)

4. Focus on one goal.

5. Make a mistake, it’s required.

6. Picture your audience funny (they are all naked?).

7. Present to a bunch of kids, they will give you honest feedback.

8. Make eye contact with some you feel comfortable in the audience.

9. How is your audience feeling? Check their social updates before walking in.

10. Talk on LinkedIn about making mistakes.

At wOw Prezi, we rebel against PowerPoint’s status quo and are in a mission to save the world from deadly PPTs, helping sales teams to transform stiff, slide-based presentations into fruitful, revenue-generating conversations.

Get in touch with our team of Prezi Experts to find how we can help your salespeople thrive with Conversational Presenting and the Power of Storytelling in Sales.



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