We all run email campaigns. In fact, many of your first instincts are to request a person’s email when they want to sign up, read, or do any type of activity on your site. With an ROI of about 4300% on emails (check out those links to read more about how big the ROI is), it’s natural to want to build your email base, so why not add a little more wOw to your process! Adding a link to a full screen Prezi presentation gives your audience something incredibly different and highly effective. You solidify a spot in their  memory, and they proceed down the funnel to becoming a paying client.

Email Your List a Prezi Presentation

Knock your potential leads into prospects by giving them something to remember. In an early article, I explained how a Prezi makes use of Human Spatial Cognition to really drive memory. Now think if you can send your Prezi presentation out in every email. You either have it link to your webpage so they are already there to look around, or you embed the Prezi presentation in the email so it opens in a full screen when they click on it. This gives them one task to handle: watch your Prezi Presentation. Did you know that video emails are opened about 70% more often? So will your Prezi emails.
The next step ideally is to design two types of presentations: one marketed to cold leads, and one marketed to active customers.  The first one will be the one you send out to cold leads. It is like the old telemarketer trick of cold calling. This will be a different one than you send to a lead that willingly made it to your mailing list; Those prospects will actually receive a more detailed presentation of your product, business, or services.

The Bottom Line

All of this is focused on building your bottom line customer base. If you don’t remember (or if you haven’t read it),  with our article on remotely presenting with a Prezi presentation, Crunch Fitness saw  a growth of 30% by using Prezi presentations in their sales and training processes. So, why haven’t you added a Prezi presentation to every step of your sales funnel? You owe it to your bottom line and will see results with the “wOw” factor.
The next thing you should know about adding a Prezi presentation to your sales process regards  your landing page. That is the next topic for Bottom Line Building by adding Prezi presentations to your sales process.

At wOw Prezi, we rebel against PowerPoint’s status quo and are in a mission to save the world from deadly PPTs, helping sales teams to transform stiff, slide-based presentations into fruitful, revenue-generating conversations.

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