So far we have covered huge tracts of land in your sales process and growing your bottom line. The newsletter will be the topic of discussion. You send it out monthly, weekly, or daily, and it may get read. If you have a large following and what you write is very popular, then it gets read more thoroughly. Really get your readers and unconverted prospects talking about your newsletter. Make it interactive with a Prezi presentation, and don’t just give them something to read – SHOW them your newsletter!

Newsletters – Everybody Is Doing It…

A majority of companies on the web (and an alarming number that aren’t on here) send out some type of newsletter. Subscribers are used to it and many expect them. Some prospects never convert just because they get all the information they want in your newsletter. With that in mind, you should do more with this method of contact to increase your conversion rate.
Well, what should you do? Make your newsletter a Prezi presentation. You can explain any and all information you want to convey to your audience in a way that sticks in their mind and has a lasting impact. They will, in turn, share it with their networks. Now there are entire networks remembering what you have to say and executing the information you conveyed. Not only that, but they have spread your name and shown the world that you stand out from the normal. See a pattern yet?

Building The Bottom Line with Prezi Newsletters

You use them in your email campaign and on your landing page;Now I am telling you to send them out in your newsletters. With constant use and implementation of Prezi presentations in your sales process through in multiple avenues, you will make your bottom line explode. Your market will be buzzing about you and how you present everything with a Prezi presentation. Boosting how much your audience remembers about you is payment in many ways.
From here, I want to go one more place in your sales process to build your bottom line with Prezi presentations. Once you get the call or the lead on the edge of converting, you can use a Prezi presentation remotely to drive them into a paying client. So watch for that article to close this series.

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