Your emails, landing pages, and newsletters all have Prezis. You’re driving, engaging, and conversing with Prezi presentations. Now you have a lead to speak with. You know where I am going with this, don’t you? Use a Prezi presentation as your sales tool either face to face or remotely to close the sale.

Driving the Sale with a Prezi Presentation

This is where Prezi gets fun for you on a more personal level. You have the controls of the Prezi presentation in your hands. Depending on how you present – linear or non-linear – you drive your prospect through an easy to understand, memorable story of why they need what you have.
Once you have them at this point in your funnel, you don’t need to sell them anymore. They have been sold, and that is why you have the chance to personally show them this sales Prezi presentation. It should be a story of how this will change their lives and give testimony of the company and clients that have had their lives changed.

Time is Precious: Professionally Designed Prezi Presentations

We understand that you are busy and that your time is precious. Prezi presentations are a significant investment into your bottom line. Open communication, creative inspiration, applicable training, trustworthy guidance, peace of mind guarantee, hand-made and one-of-a-kind branded to your company pieces of art that really wOw your audience is what we can do for you. The hours of hard work and creative inspiration it takes to produce a captivating and absolutely impressive Prezi presentation can be saved by trusting our dedicated hands.
While that sounded like a sales pitch, I truly believe in the power of Prezi. . I was on the outside looking in once. Prezi got my attention and now I work with it every day. Its a passion and truly an art form of its own.

At wOw Prezi, we rebel against PowerPoint’s status quo and are in a mission to save the world from deadly PPTs, helping sales teams to transform stiff, slide-based presentations into fruitful, revenue-generating conversations.

Get in touch with our team of Prezi Experts to find how we can help your salespeople thrive with Conversational Presenting and the Power of Storytelling in Sales.