Prezi does many things for you, but there is so much more. What happens during the presentation, video, or however you are using your Prezi is only the surface.

Prezi Effects After Being Use

You have connected with your audience on many levels. You’re in their memory. Their conversation. Take a step back and see what just happened. You extended your network. Prezi opened the door to deeper conversations. In your hands are the keys to new opportunities.
With all this prepping and working to deliver a presentation, did you consider all of that? What are the byproducts of that interaction?

Using Prezi to Your Advantage

Knowing that your presentation will have byproduct effects, make sure you identify them. This gives many reasons why you must consider certain criteria while putting your story together. Every piece of the visuals has a specific purpose. Use carefully, you get more than your key points across.
Here are a few things to consider while putting together your presentation This isn’t your typical list you apply to building a presentation. These are points for building your network that Prezi helps opens the doors to:

  • Smile and be personable
    Your audience should want to talk to you after you deliver your presentation. A conversation is the beginning of a new connection.
  • Consider your temperament
    If you come off hot-headed or conceded, chances are you won’t gain many connections.
  • Keep the Visuals Simple
    Creating a complex Prezi that is polluted with images and text makes the audience feel that is how the conversation with you will be. Keep it easy to understand and engaging, like talking to you would be.
  • Limit Details
    Keeping some details or stories short are good lead-ins to the conversation. You never know who knows who. Take every moment to grow your network when possible.
  • Express Deep Subject Knowledge
    You, the company you represent, and the topic you are pitching. Display you know what you are talking about. Be able to answer questions. And do it in a way that asserts your subject authority.
  • Brand the Prezi Visuals to You
    Making the colors and imagery reflect the brand you’re behind helping people identify you as familiar. Or if you are just pitching a concept, think abstract. Metaphorically represent your ideas with Prezi. It opens up the conversation channels.

Prezi Gives You A Hand Up To Networking

Face it, your visuals open up the conversation. Dull, flat, and templated presentations close the possibility of adding to your network. Maybe not completely. But it definitely limits the flow of meaningful conversation.
Prezi gives your audience something to talk about. Initiating the conversation is half the battle. We have all heard that. Problem is, its true. Open up your networking potential with using well executed cognitive designs in your Prezi. Need help opening those networking possibilities? Start the conversation with us, its only 10% of the battle. We handle the other 85. The rest is you executing.

At wOw Prezi, we rebel against PowerPoint’s status quo and are in a mission to save the world from deadly PPTs, helping sales teams to transform stiff, slide-based presentations into fruitful, revenue-generating conversations.

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