The wOw Prezi Review of Prezi for Android. Prezi has been testing the Android version of their app for some time now. They have once again broken through the limitations and made your presentations even more portable. Enjoy this review of the Android app!

Prezi Review for Android App

How well does it work?

When the Prezi app for Android was installed on my S5, there was only 175 downloads in the US. By the next day when a friend downloaded it, there were over 1,000. The users have been waiting for this.
With our experience using the app on Android. we decided to review Prezi. We have some highlights and lowlights of the app.


Of course we had to test the app once we had access to it. We are very well pleased with how it functions. Below is a list from small importance to a huge deal on what we found in this review of Prezi on Android:

    1. The app seems much smoother than the iOS version. The speed of transition from frame to frame is just as fast as a downloaded version.
    2. Presenting on the go has now opened up to the Android user base.
    3. More people can now practice on the go and stand out as Great Presenters.
    4. Off line feature
      This is another huge advantage. Simply access one of your Prezi’s while online. Then when you don’t have a connection, you can run offline. This is very similar to how it functions on the iOS.
    5. Remote Presenting To Android!
      Yes, iOS has this ability too. However, when I tested it, I couldn’t be on the phone with the person I was presenting to. Fail! In preparing for this Prezi review, here is how I remote presented from Android to Android:
  • Sent the link by text message.
  • Started the Remote presentation
  • Called the person on the phone
  • Said hello and we both opened the Prezi app on Android
  • Here is the screenshot:

Needless to say, Prezi review for Android has destroyed any other form of remote presenting. If you have data or wifi service, you now have the power of presentation AND phone conversation in one. Kudos Prezi.


The lowlights will be taken care of over time. The introduction to Android is a giant leap for Prezi. Here are some of the things we seen that could change:
Practicing on the go and find a mistake? Well, you have to wait until you get to a different device. I am sure the edit feature will come soon, just like the search option.

  • No Search Option
    All other versions of Prezi has a feature to search through your Prezis. The Android version lacks this.
  • No Editing Mode
    Even though there is some features I would like to see, the Prezi app for Android is a game changer for Android users.

Change the World on the Go!

Your limitations are being defeated…

Prezi has reviewed what the users have said. Not everyone uses the same operating systems. Now they have bridged the gap with a user base that felt they had limited access. Keep on improving Prezi and we will take it to all the corners of the Earth.
Download the Prezi app for android here.

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