Our newest prezi template shows you what we can do for you if you are involved in Mathematics education, either as a student or as a teacher or professor.

Get the template and read on for ideas you can use!

This template was designed with a request for teaching tools in mind. The more we thought about it, we thought, “Why not make it work for teachers and students?” So let us give you just a couple brief examples of the sort of things we can see you using this for.

For Students

The trigonometry unit circle is a convenient tool. You can see the ‘magic angles’ and all of the big details about them at a glance: what the angle is in degrees, in radians, and its coordinates in terms of (Cosine, Sine).

Every trig student knows how constantly this information is required. Now, you can have the problem and all of that important information right in front of you as you work at the solution, without even really averting your eyes!

For Educators


How often do you find yourself sketching a hasty, harsh unit circle on your whiteboard or chalkboard to help your students understand as you work a problem? How often do you find yourself sketching a little part of the unit circle for a single piece of information from it? All too often, I’m sure.

Now, you can prepare problems and solutions and have the entire unit circle in front of your students the whole way through! As in our example on the template, you can put the information in the boxes we have already created for the purpose, and reveal it a step at a time, expounding on the process as you go, keeping everything tidy and easy to follow. Or just leave the template on-screen for reference as you teach!

Cool Math Games

Prezi is a naturally engaging platform. One of the most exciting aspects of this template is the ability it gives you to make mathematics games in a zoomable format. You can start by using the boxes for “Question” and “Answer,” again having it already prepared ahead of time. You can quiz them on anything this way. Show them what sort of game show host you’d be, they won’t soon forget it!

You can even teach the unit circle, Soh Cah Toa, and the most common symbols (pi, delta, theta, approximately equal to, etc.—we also included tau for those of you who celebrate ‘Two Pi day!’) by just zooming in and showing them the answer. See how long it takes them to realize that the answer to the question in the “Question” box is right there in the Prezi!

Homework (and Telepathy!)

Almost all teachers like utilizing math games, because they are engaging little gimmicks. But what about real work? That was foremost in our minds as we developed it. This free prezi template can shine if you put it to use!

Imagine this:

You copy the template to a new Prezi and put a homework problem in the ‘Problems’ section. You then direct your students to the URL of this Prezi on your educational account. They copy it to their Prezi account, use the template to work the problem and return it to you by sharing or emailing it. Now you not only have their homework on-screen, but it’s much easier to see their thought processes when they go wrong (or when they get it right) because of the step-by-step fashion in which the Prezi is designed.

It’s almost like you can read their mind, without having to decipher the chicken scratches. Wouldn’t that help you to get those difficult concepts across, one-on-one, with very little time spent? Think about it, I bet the idea will grow on you quickly.

Download this Prezi Classic Template HERE

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