It’s not inside that ice cream container and it definitely isn’t in the next article you read, or is it? Inspiration comes from anywhere. I mean it. My 8 year old daughter sometimes gives me inspiration. It’s a mixture of luck and my ability to acknowledge when a truly inspirational idea comes along.  Do I go and dig for it? Well, yes I do sometimes. Other times it happens by accident. What’s the trick? While there’s no golden rule, this is what  I do when trying to find inspiration for a Prezi presentation.

The Grand Safari of Inspiration Hunting

You must go through life with your eyes wide open. The next big wow factor isn’t going to jump into your head like some bad Sci Fi movie monster. Take in every moment and apply it to the project at hand.
If you haven’t noticed yet, my advice on this topic seems kind of hazy, but that’s my point exactly.  Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. My neighbor wakes me up before the sun rises working on his front deck and blasting music out of his radio. Just me getting annoyed and saying the word “blast” was enough for me to find the wow factor for one presentation. Creativity came to life, and the wheels in my head started spinning.

Not So Surprising Gold Mines

The big idea can be the first thing you find, and you build from there. Other times, it is all the details that point to an inevitable big picture. I have also had several hours where I feel like I am throwing feather arrows at balloons. Nothing makes sense and none of anything fits together.
I just walk away, go have lunch with my daughter, and do  anything but stare at the material. This is the magic, or as far as I know it is. One time, my daughter looked at me and said, “Dad, I want to go down and ride my bike.” She had a puzzled look when I said, “Spinning Wheels!” It seems nonsensical, but my daughter’s everyday demand ushered in a wave of inspiration for my project that seemed to be unsolvable just hours before.

The Sparks Of Inspiration

I know this seemed chaotic and unorganized. For that right reader, you needed this. You know you did, and you probably are ready to go digging for that next random chunk of gold. I have more to tell you, so make sure you read the next article on inspiration seeking. This concept I explained here will make more sense when I explain my next method of finding inspiration. Until next time, happy zooming with Prezi presentations.

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