Mickey Rooney nailed it with saying “I keep going because if you stop, you stop. Why retire? Inspire.” When you are nearing what seems to be the end of the presentation building process, think again. You have dug for inspiration, chiseled at the block of the Prezi presentation, and then stepped back. Don’t stop now. Drive to keep inspiration alive.

Rest, Relax, and Eat

When you have exhausted your efforts and feel that what you have done is good enough, walk away. Yes, you heard me right! Get some rest, go to dinner, or anything to take your eyes off the Prezi presentation. You start looking so closely at it that you don’t see the cracks.
Stepping back is the key to keeping inspiration alive. Yeah, you just want to finish it. You’re worn down with the work and effort you have thrown at it. Do you really want to produce garbage and have an audience smell the trash? I doubt it. So it is crucial at this point to keep your inspiration alive.

Good Enough is not Finished Enough

Getting some rest for your eyes and brain is a necessity. Relaxing by whatever relaxes you and ignoring the project is the next step before you decide it is finished. A night off with some great rest followed by a great breakfast is the key ingredients to keeping your inspiration alive. You need to think of inspiration as a living, breathing, eating creature. In all sense of the word ‘alive’, inspiration is a living thing. Make sure that when you find and train (dig up and chisel) that inspiration, you feed and water it. Give it time to get rested up.
Once you settle for that “good enough” feeling, you have let inspiration die. You have to make it come back alive. The corners need rounding and the shiny parts need some fresh wax. I have given you my magic wand of the inspiration process. Take the pieces and go find that next inspiration pet to take home and nurture.

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