Northwest State Community College in Northwest Ohio (U.S.A.) has transformed the ordinary Open House night and turned it into Discover NSCC Day. Teachers and students give prospects a hands-on experience of what life is like at Northwest State. Prospects had opportunities to see the MIX 98.1 Radio Station broadcasting live from the event, the chance to make their own perfume, the ability to watch live medical lab experiments, and more! As a current Associates of Arts student, I shared my experiences on campus…through a Prezi of course!

All New Discoveries

Most of the open house attendees had no idea what they wanted to major in. They also believed that when they do choose a major, they shouldn’t have to take all of the core curriculum classes that had nothing to do with their discipline. Well, that makes sense. But, when they complete the required courses, they will realize that each class adds to the full spectrum of their education. Each class presents a new way for you to think and conceptualize a situation. For example, most students hate that they have to take algebra and humanities. Besides, you’ll never use them in real life, right?! Wrong. The way you learn to dissect a problem and seek the solution is the number one skill students learn from both of these classes.
One of the core objectives at NSCC is critical thinking. Students learn how to apply critical thinking skills in all areas of their lives. They learn to focus on the small details of a situation to find the greater solution. To complete an Associates degree, you need 60+ credit hours, which is about 30 classes. Even though the core curriculum seem grueling, and most students complain about them, I truly believe that each class gave me at least one skill I use to write Prezi presentations. Below is a list of the main core curriculum classes, the ones students complain about the most. The school has their own reasons why they are necessary, but here is my perspective:

  • Composition I and II: You learn how to compile your thoughts in an organized manner. You learn the difference between opinion and credible sources. You learn how to convey your thoughts on paper.
  • Algebra: You learn how the world works around you, and your general logic of its working. (I was one of the students who hated Algebra and didn’t understand why we had to take it…I took the one required math class and then was done.).
  • Microsoft Office: You learn all of the time-saving tricks of Word and Excel as well as build the fundamental structure of how documents work together.
  • Public Speaking: You learn to communicate your ideas verbally in a logical manner. You learn to embrace the fear of talking in front of crowds, and make it a strength, rather than a weakness.
  • Humanities: You learn how societies have evolved, changed, and borrowed ideas that directly impact everyday life. Knowing the failures and successes of the past adds strategy for the future.
  • Psychology/Sociology: You learn the different ways humans think and interact.
  • Biology: You learn that  you are only a tiny piece of the environment around you, and become aware of how all of your actions affect the world we live in. Our very existence hangs on knowing the balance.

The First of Many

In comparison to years past, the event was more exciting than the typical meet-and-greet-style open house. Energy is contagious. Every professor and presenter at the event was eager to engage with the prospects. In return, the attendees were enthused about signing up for classes and looking into extracurricular activities.
When prospects came to my station, it was exciting to see their “Ah ha” moment. Through my Prezi presentation I was able to show them the value in the core curriculum no matter if they were an aspiring engineer, doctor, welder, or had no idea what they wanted to be. Even parents shook my hand to express their gratitude for making it “click” for their child. I live to inspire and help everyone become the best they can. Most of the time it is all about perspective.
Thank you to the staff at NSCC for my education and allowing me to add value to the event.

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