Remotely Deliver Your Sales Message Through a Prezi presentations

Prezi presentations have a feature that gives you the ability to present your sales message, remotely. To anywhere in the world and up to 30 clients at once. Wow. Imagine taking your Skype calls or phone calls and changing them into a full visual experience that you can guide. You will deliver the exact image to your client that words have trouble capturing. This cutting edge sales concept will definitely boost your sale closing rate.

So Present What? Where?

Crunch Fitness Has Turned to Prezi for Sales and Training

Delivering your sales presentation to several clients at once that are scattered across the globe used to be a challenge. You had to do a phone call, a Skype conference call, or some form of a video feed. Crunch Fitness turned to Prezi. Once they did, their sales jumped 30%. In fact, they grew over 50% in 18 months and all of the sales were presented, remotely, with Prezi presentation. Watch Crunch Fitness Prezi.

The amount of resources and effort saved will be a direct reinvestment to your company. No more flying internationally to deliver your presentation. Stop making multiple phone calls and start delivering remotely with Prezi presentations.

Don’t Stop At Sales Presenting

Pitching your sale process with remote Prezi presentations should only be the start. The possibilities of use are only what your mind can stop at. You can conduct business meetings remotely with your team in a Prezi presentation to show all the visuals. Crunch Fitness even uses Prezi presentations to conduct their training. Businesses worldwide have went to presenting in conferences with Prezi presentations but can go much farther by presenting them remotely from the comfort of anywhere.

How wOw Prezi Uses Remote Presenting

We love this feature so much, we have started running our meetings with it. Each of us can collaborate in our designated spot on the Prezi presentation. Since our team is scattered internationally, this helps us all stay on the same page and follow each other very well during meetings. When the meeting kicks off, one of us is the presenter. Once they have covered their material, the next person is handed control. We can easily move to any part of the presentation at any moment in case we want to reference previously covered material or have a question about something. This all happens in real time right on our individual screens.
Remember that next time you have a colleague or client that is out of the office sick or stuck somewhere they have internet access but can’t make it to the meeting. Start conducting all your meetings with the remote present feature and that problem will be a thing of the past.

Get Your Sales Presentation Designed

So You Can Start Delivering Prezi Presentations Remotely.

We know exactly how to take your sales process and mold it into a story. We are Prezi experts and can even help train you on how to deliver remotely. Let us take the worry out the design process and then have us show you how to work it. Come back with future questions because we stand behind Prezi and the presentations we help build. You will see a solid return on your investment like so many others already have. If you want to save money in your budget, you can reuse this template we created for you.


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