What’s in your kitchen?

Mentally, you’re moving around your kitchen and telling me what you see in relation to where it sets; the big picture is your kitchen, and what you told me is the details. Prezi presentations use zooming technology to show the big picture and how the details support it. But don’t beat around the bush. Let them know from the start what your unique value statement (UVS) exactly is. This should be the big picture of your Prezi presentation and your discussion should support it. But get to the point. Twitter has perfected the idea of a big picture with 140 character posts. You need to do the same. Sum up the details into a big picture and show how those parts create the whole.

Focus the Details

Like Carmine Gallo said in a Forbes article, your presentation needs to be “understandable, memorable, and emotional.” Nothing does that better than focusing the details in one big picture. Prezi has captured this with the whole-part-whole concept. Details are zoomed into and then back out to show the big picture. Limit those details, though. Overload the presentation with details and you will have achieved diminishing returns. Ideally, three main points, and no more than 10 words on a frame, are magic like a rabbit from a hat.

Jon Thomas of Presentation Advisors makes a great point: “It’s not about how much you put in that makes the difference but what you leave out.” But this is my pride and joy. I can hear you thinking something like that. A great lesson I learned in Creative Writing was to “kill your darlings.” Less is always more. Simply get to the point, so your audience doesn’t go “SQUIRREL” and mentally drift away.

Give the Audience 1 Takeaway

Prezi presentations will help you perfect this. You want your audience to walk away with the big picture and what makes up that picture. You support the big picture with limited details. Prezi simplifies this in a way like no other presentation platform. The big picture is always in perspective.

Identify your big picture by finding what you want the audience’s one takeaway to be. Don’t jump on building your Prezi presentation before this. It’s like trying to convince the sun not to rise in the morning: it’s a waste of time and energy. Dr. Michelle Mazur has great advice to brainstorm all your possible takeaways, then to focus it to the most important one. Guess what? The other takeaways you don’t use will hold your hand in finding the supporting details of the big picture.

Want to Save Your Valuable Time?

We love explaining a complex big picture in a simple and understandable way. I believe the term they use is Prezi Experts for us. Stop giving yourself migraines and have us write, design, and breathe life into your next presentation. It’s not a job or task to us. It is our expression of art. We take your idea, no matter how complete or incomplete, and mold it. When it comes out of the creation box, you have a big picture supported by exact details that are to the point. I dare you to challenge us.

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