Who hasn’t left a light on, or the coffee pot, on your way out for the day? It happens and so does leaving other things running that are consuming non-renewable energy. I have opened electric bills that have made me tell my family we are going to be Amish for a month. Did you know that the earth receives about 274 million gigawatt years of sun energy every year? According to Eco World that is more than 20 thousand times all the energy needs of the planet, no matter the form of energy required. It’s time to go solar and stop destroying the environment with our archaic ways. Our free Prezi template shows how fossil fuels are destructive and how Solar Energy can and will stop this.

Current Energy Solutions are Destroying The World

See, the problem with our current energy solutions is that it is making this world a dirty, nasty, uninhabitable place. We take it for granted, I mean seriously. Coal, oil, and natural gas all produce carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, methane, and nitrogen oxides. Ya, just a bunch of words. These are the culprits leading global warming.

Guess what, that isn’t where the destruction begins. The land that contains these fossil fuels has to be destroyed to get to these energy resources. So we humans are destroying entire animal habitats and causing erosion, landslides, and soil productivity loss. Not to mention how we are destroying the life giving air we breath. The devastation caused by these non-renewable resources is depicted in our reusable free Prezi template. You can use this free Prezi template as it stands now to drastically increase your sales closing rates. Our team can even create a Prezi presentation hand tailored to your company with this template or create a new one from scratch.

Just like my cup of coffee, these natural resources will run out. There has to be a better way. Do you remember how much sun energy hits the entire globe every year? Twenty thousand times that of what humans all over the world use in one year.

The Marvels of Solar Energy

Let’s not deny the fact that creating solar catchers still produce CO2. What matters is the substantial amount less that is produced. Oh yeah, wildlife habitats don’t have to be destroyed, toxic gases aren’t constantly spilled into the environment, and the sun will out last the fossil fuel supply by billions of years. So here is how solar energy is being utilized, but has yet to be used to its full potential:

Solar Cars Used mainly for world solar car races, Ford has stepped out of the box and is moving towards a car completely reliant on the sun.

Power Station Right now there are two major ways this is done. With solar concentrates that focus the light on pipes to produce thermal energy. The next major way is by the use of solar photo-voltaic (PV) panels.

Home Use You can harness the power of the sun to power your house, heat your water, and for your heating and cooling needs.

DIY Installing solar panels yourself is far less complicated than before. One company has developed a simple way to plug the panel directly into your outlet and use the power collected.

Professionally Installed Still not comfortable with installing them on your own? Me either. Check out this list of 250 contractors that will do it for you.

Electric Companies Pay YOU Depending on your state and local regulations, you can actually get paid for the extra power you feed back into the grid. How about getting a check from the electric company?

Caring about the environment, oddly enough, reflects directly on caring about your finances. You would be shocked to find out how your carbon footprint impacts global warming. You can reduce your monthly cost significantly by not even spending a penny out of pocket. Read our article on how to reduce your carbon footprint. You will be surprised how much you can drive down your monthly expenses.

Solar energy is clean, was here before the dinosaurs and will be here long after their dirty remains are used up, has become cost effective, and can make you money. So lets cover that one more time: Solar energy creates sustainability. Now and far into the future for both your finances and your children’s children’s children. Take advantage of our reusable free Prezi template to increase solar energy sales rate. We need to save the world fast, and our free Prezi template on solar energy makes this concept simplistic to understand. You get the big picture and the details that support it.

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