You want your sales pitch presentation to make a lasting impact that causes action. Whether it is a 30 second elevator pitch or a dynamic visual presentation, there are 5 metrics your sales pitch presentation must have. They are like the pillars to a bridge. Without the pillars, the bridge can’t stand. Neither can your conversation or sales presentation if you don’t support it with these must-have metrics.

1. Emotional Appeal

The only way you are going to get the majority of your audience to convert is if you have some appeal to their emotions. Driving emotions can range from wanting to be rich and thin, to fear, to love, to the need to be included. The best way to identify them is to understand your audience’s hopes, fears, and desires. Even the logical crowd acts on a specific desire that is still based in an emotion. Today’s consumers (and stretching back over centuries) are motivated to take action because they feel emotionally motivated to do something. Ask yourself this:
Who is my target audience?
What emotions are the most motivating to my audience?
What emotions do I want to target?
Does this emotion become satisfied as a result of what I offer?
These questions will help you focus your sales pitch presentation to the audience’s hopes, desires, and fears. These are why people buy, not because you can flash numbers at me from the start.

2. A Real Problem

Identifying the emotional appeal will help you tell the story of the problem you solve. To paint a picture of this real problem your audience faces, you first have to understand the emotion that is stirred by the problem. Telling the story of the problem should satisfy these points:
Is this problem a real problem?
How does this problem go unnoticed?
How annoying or costly is this problem?
Satisfying these simple points will increase how tangible the problem is to your audience. Keep in mind, you need to tell the problem from the emotion you chose to focus on.

3. Tangible Results

You don’t want to just unfold a solution. You’re not a magician. Maybe you are. You need to deliver real tangible results to the audience. This is where you put stats and numbers. Your solution needs supported with results. Just like the bridge needs supported with pillars, your sales pitch presentation needs these 5 metrics to stand. Use these points to make sure your solution section is more than just a solution:
To what extent is my solution effective?
How easy is it to implement?
Why does it work so well?
How happy are other people?
Be very specific and to the point. Guide your audience to the enlightenment you seek to share. They need this—or so you are trying to convince them. Make sure you can prove to them why they should care, and how that focus emotion is satisfied.

4. Open-Ended Conversation Starters

This takes a fine layering throughout the presentation. It has roots in the idea of Keep It Simple. Your audience doesn’t need to know every single thing you know. Leave room for them to want to ask questions. You also don’t want your pitch or sales presentation to end when you’re done talking. You need to create open-ended conversation starters throughout your presentation. Here are a few suggestions to help you identify how you can use conversation starters.
How would you spend your extra time instead of doing X,Y,Z?
What kind of impact is this problem having on you?
How would this solution change your life?
These are very general. The point is that you create ways of finding out more about your audience. This builds trust, respect, long term relationships, and closed deals.

5. Next Steps/Call to Action

Always give your audience direction. Don’t give them this wonderful information and no idea of how to proceed. Generally, every sales pitch presentation already has this in it. But are you maximizing its potential? Revisit that call to action and see what value it really gives your audience to take action. These points will make sure you are able to optimize the actions you want the audience to take:
Only ask the audience to do 1 thing.
Give them value for taking action.
How do you want them to take action?
Remind them of the emotion they just had stirred.
This is probably the most important of the metrics. Your sales pitch presentation is of of no value if you lack a focused next steps/call to action. Once you have stirred their emotions and offered a solution, it only makes sense you give them a way to move forward.

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