Guilherme Criscuolo, wOw Prezi co-founder and Prezi expert, was honored Wednesday as the keynote speaker at Farewell PowerPoint, a conference for Advanced Prezi users and designers, hosted in São Paulo, Brazil.

The workshop revolved around gathering the best minds in Prezi to discuss the best practices and tricks for creating “killer” presentations. This event gave Guilherme the chance to highlight the skills that have made him an award-winning, world-renowned artist.

He featured modern Prezi styles and taught new application methods while giving hands-on presentations on how to master this popular presentation tool. Prezi, a tool that is growing in popularity every year, is what attendees said is the “best alternative” to PowerPoint.

When asked why Prezi is better than PowerPoint, Criscuolo says, “The nonlinearity of Prezi allows us to organize all our ideas in a way that we can guide our audience.”

Prezi’s ability to guide and engage an audience is one of the reasons it’s growing in use around the world. It’s main feature is the use of spatial recognition that takes viewers on a visual journey across a three-dimensional background while zooming in and panning out on a given object.

Criscuolo says “not only does this make the visuals stunning, but it’s a proven fact that spatial cognition helps to make our message memorable.”

In contrast, he also explained what when planning a Prezi, “one needs to think outside of the box.”

“I see many people planning Prezis with a ‘PowerPointed’ mind, and it really doesn’t work. You need to start to think in a different way to use Prezi, so you will be able to create a killer presentation,” says Criscuolo.

He goes on to say that it was this Prezi (the first Prezi he ever saw) that made him want to learn more.

From there, it has been an uphill journey for him as he has gone on to be an award-winning designer proudly earning the “Best Overall Design in 2013” and the “Best Educational Prezi in 2014.”

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