Sales and marketing are often taken as complements for each other. Have you ever thought how these concepts emerged, and why they are important for any business? We often think of these concepts as being the same, but in actuality they have their own definitions.

Let’s have a detailed discussion over the concepts of sales and marketing in the context of their respective importance, implementation, and meaning. I hope this discussion will help you get an idea of how these concepts work simultaneously.

Without sales, marketing is not possible, and vice versa. With increased advancement in technology, businesses now prefer to make exciting presentations to deliver information, which will help them grab an enormous amount of prospects. Therefore a huge trend has been seen for sales and marketing presentations.

Several software and programs are introduced for this phenomenon. One of them is the introduction of the Prezi presentation. Let’s look at a few basic concepts and explanations relating to sales and marketing, how these sales and marketing presentations can be improved, and why Prezi is a better choice for such presentations.


Differences between sales and marketing

It is very hard to highlight a difference between sales and marketing as they work simultaneously, because without marketing you will not have enough prospects and leads. Without proper sales technique it would be difficult for you to make your operational strategies work. In several companies it has been seen that these two are different departments that even don’t talk with each other, but are correlated.


According to the research department of Harvard Business School, their definition of marketing plays a central role in creating, capturing, communicating, and sustaining value for the business/organization. It helps a business to understand better the needs of customers, i.e. what they require of a business, and how they can create value for the business by overcoming the potential needs of their customers. It also enables them to bring in an innovative clinch in their business by analyzing and assessing the competition in the market.

I think this is the perfect marketing definition one can adhere to. It includes all the aspects, and it especially puts an emphasis on the importance of the customer, which, when fully understood, brings huge differences.


I was reading an article written by Dr. Philip Kotler (Professor at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University)  where he described sales as the process of persuading customers/prospects/clients to purchase the company’s product or service. He also emphasized on sales being part of the four P’s of marketing. According to him, all four aspects of marketing (price, product, promotion, and place) all are interlinked with sales.

What I assessed from Dr. Kotler’s definition is that it is very difficult to create a difference between sales and marketing. The difference is semantic; they are separate, but they have to be aligned and integrated.


Importance of Sales and Marketing Presentations:

To be an effective marketer, you must have an ability to design a good sales and marketing presentation, you have to be very creative. You have to find ways to stand out from the rest, and you must have those guts that will help you gather enough sales leads.

It is very important to design a good and interactive presentation.  There’s nothing worse than using old presentation templates and the cut and copy bullet points and fonts. While this may convey the message, your listener will doze off halfway through and then your efforts will be rendered useless.


Why Prezi for a sales and marketing presentation:

Prezi can be a commendable option for any presentation. I was reading a quote by Jacco Van der Kooij, who said:

“Inspiration doesn’t happen in sequence, and insight isn’t always what is on the first or last slide. Understanding comes from viewing a problem in unexpected ways, and Prezi is a great prism for that refraction of knowledge.”

— Jacco van der Kooij, VP of Sales, Harmonic Inc

I was inspired by this quote. It is the crux of every element that you can apply in your business presentations or even your life presentations. (winks)

You need to design a presentation that is clear, precise, captivates the viewer, and makes them enthralled by what you are trying to deliver. For this purpose Prezi presentation software was introduced, which is an interactive platform that is not like a traditional PowerPoint presentation.

It uses a high resolution open canvas. The graphic designs and diagrams used in a Prezi Presentation can be hand-designed. It is a storytelling platform that explains and delivers the data, like a story with use of spatial cognition. Prezi makes it interesting for the viewer and they feel more curious about the next step.


How Prezi Improves Your Sales and Marketing Presentation:

Now I will tell you something that will surprise you, ever I was shocked by reading this quote.

“Prezi has a marvelous approach to the visualization of information – the freshest I’ve seen since the 1980s.”

— Rob Campbell, Founder, PowerPoint

You can clearly imagine from this quote how amazing a Prezi is. Even the founder of PowerPoint says positive things about it.

It is a free and easy-to-use tool that gives your presentation an entirely new look, with improved graphics and resolution all the time, especially while making a sales and marketing presentation.

Whether you’re in Sales & Marketing, Training & Development, or just want a tool to collaborate within your team, Prezi helps you to stand out from the competition and better engage your audience.

I was so excited when I designed my first presentation via Prezi design. I found it as the best source for presenting, and my audience appreciated it very much. Let me quote my experience with the help of this saying:

“Prezi allows us to communicate design ideas with our clients in a highly engaging and dynamic way, liberating interesting conversations from the boredom of one-way presentations.”

-Randy Howder, Design Strategist, Gensler

I appreciate what Randy Howder has said. A Prezi is truly an interactive platform that takes boredom out of the presentation.

Several marketing and social media experts have highlighted different aspects/features of Prezi. Let’s discuss the three astonishing features of Prezi and how it makes a presentation looks perfect:


Correlation between objects

It complements the way you think. PowerPoint makes it difficult for the presenter to point out and make a correlation between different objects of a presentation. Prezi solves this issue by giving you a high resolution white canvas, with zooming interface.


Zooming Interface

You can rotate and move around the canvas. It is the most exciting feature which PowerPoint presentation does not allow. You can rotate and move around the canvas by zooming in and out, and highlighting areas you want to put emphasis over, which intrigues your audience.


Exquisite Look

It’s beautiful. The resolution and graphics used in a Prezi are way more inviting than PowerPoint transitions. It makes a presentation interesting.  People become more involved in the presentation when a Prezi is used.

Prezi is a powerful way to showcase your company and what you do. Whether you’re presenting to your team, building a campaign, or sharing great content with your customers, Prezi will help you make an impact. You can look for and become a part of this astonishing venture in just few simple steps by signing up at the

Why don’t you give it a try yourself, and be your own witness? Prezi is a great choice for making extensive and creative presentations. We at wOw Prezi will help you make exclusive presentations, we will provide you training, and will help you in learning about this extensive platform for enhancing your creativity.


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