Presentations are the prime choice when it comes to displaying informational, graphical, and statistical content. They are a fantastic way to keep the audience engrossed and positively engaged until the very last sentence. Presentations are all about displaying your content in an exciting and appealing manner so that the interest level of the viewer doesn’t lower, even for a second! Keeping all those crucial points in mind, Prezi came into existence.
Prezi is your ultimate best friend when it comes to making marvelous presentations effortlessly and is also the best choice to improve business sales presentation! Providing you with an extensive array of presentation making tools, Prezi is surely the ‘king’ of all presentation making software.

Fear of Change

The arrival of Microsoft was a major breakthrough in the world of technology. Microsoft Word and all other Microsoft programs seemed to take the world by storm for their user-friendliness and easy use. So ever since then, people worldwide have made Microsoft PowerPoint their first choice for presentation making without searching for any other newer or more improved software.

One of the main reasons for this lack of awareness regarding newer software is fear of change.

People often tend to use their usual method of working over experimenting with new techniques. That’s exactly the problem that needs to be corrected. With older software like PowerPoint, you cannot further improve your business sales presentation. Initially, PowerPoint was no doubt one of the best software packages for making presentations, but not anymore.
Now your ultimate presentation partner is Prezi. Especially when it comes to targeting all kinds of working professionals, be they entrepreneurs, sales persons, educators, doctors, engineers, fashion designers, and so on. You not only improve your business sales presentation, but you can improve any kind of professional work-based presentation.

Why Choose Prezi Over Any Other Presentation Making Software?

The main idea behind Prezi was to create an interface that is based on visual 3D learning. That’s exactly why there is no software better than Prezi for displaying any kind of content. Some excellent features that showcase the brilliance of this software are:
3D effect: With Prezi you get chance to zoom in and move around your presentation in 3D! So instead of your usual 2D presentations that look like plain printed words on slides, you can formulate your information in a storytelling manner.
Real time working and collaborations: A great feature of this software is that it allows up to ten users to collaborate and contribute information simultaneously. Similarly it allows the users to use the internet at any time throughout the presentation, to add information and view it anywhere in the world, using just their net connections!
Storage and syncing facilities: Another admirable feature of Prezi is that these presentations can be stored online and offline depending on the choice of the user. It can also be easily be synced with both Android and iOS devices.
Personalized links: To further add to the ease of the user, Prezi allows sharing of presentations via personalized links. This means that no more USBs are needed to carry large presentations. Sharing your work has become as easy as touching a button—one click and your work is ready to be viewed by anyone, anywhere!
Terrific tools: Lastly of course, one of the major plus points of Prezi is that it allows the users to have access to all kinds of formatting tools. Furthermore it allows the users to incorporate not only pictures but also audio and video content!

The Perfect Professional Presentation 

Prezi is the perfect software for all professionals, especially people involved in entrepreneurship or sales and marketing. The above mentioned advantages only further stress the fact that with Prezi, one can make one of the most impressive presentations ever.
For salespersons, it will allow them to access an endless amount of information via the help from the internet, so providing statistical data to support your content becomes extremely easy. Furthermore you can improve your business sales presentations. The ability to use simultaneous collaboration, along with real time viewing, means that entrepreneurs and marketing professionals can target a vast audience from all over the world.
So from one room you can have access to anywhere—China, Australia, America, Japan! With 3D viewing making the viewers understand your product like never before, it also eases the pressure for the user making the presentation.
For all professionals, one of the major causes of concern is how to keep the audience, i.e. your boss, students, colleagues, or customers, interested in the presentation. That can often be a problem with a complex topic or product, but now with Prezi that concern has almost vanished.
Users can incorporate all the features and make their audience go through an entire journey through their presentation, making it stimulating and thrilling. The journey from just being able to display black and white words to being able to incorporate pictures, animations, and real time information, audio and video content within your presentations is truly remarkable thanks to the beauty known as Prezi!

How to Make a Prezi Presentation

Making Prezi presentations requires no rocket science or complex learning techniques. All you need to do is visit  and follow the instructions online. The official Prezi website contains all the information and guidance you need to make your very own interactive presentation. For those of you who feel hesitant or unsure, come visit the website and get help from the Prezi experts present at the website at all times.
Furthermore, Prezi allows the user to reuse existing content via the massive library present on the website. So come inspire yourselves and see how Prezi will make your presentation-making experience into a remarkable experience. Create fantastic presentations and for all you entrepreneurs, improve your business sales presentation and make your presentations some of the best anyone has ever seen!

At wOw Prezi, we rebel against PowerPoint’s status quo and are in a mission to save the world from deadly PPTs, helping sales teams to transform stiff, slide-based presentations into fruitful, revenue-generating conversations.

Get in touch with our team of Prezi Experts to find how we can help your salespeople thrive with Conversational Presenting and the Power of Storytelling in Sales.