What is your sales process? Can you define it? How about your sales team, can they? If your answer is no, you need to stop and reevaluate your structure. Every task in life can be defined by a process; everything from making breakfast to leading a Fortune 500 company to success.
So, let me ask you again, what is your sales process? Prezi presentations can take your sales process to the next level and increase your ROI. Where and when you use the Prezi depends on how your sales process is set up.   Let’s break down a standard sales funnel process and explain your options on where to strategically place your Prezi presentation.

Customer Acquisition (Lead Generation)

You generate leads from somewhere, they don’t come out of thin air. Most of the time you will have more than one way you bring clients into your sales process. Now where should the Prezi presentation go? Let’s look at a few examples of how you can acquire a customer and if you can fit your Prezi presentation there.

Website Lead

If you are generating leads organically or paid and they come to your website, you can utilize Prezi on several pages. Your homepage is a great place to embed a Prezi presentation that briefly describes what your product is and how it is created.
The about page and something similar to a how it works page are additional places to embed Prezi presentations specific to your product or organization. Prezi will engage the lead and push them down the funnel because they now know how you will solve their problem and your presentation will have created a sense of credibility in their mind.

Cold Calls

The most dynamic and most difficult art to master is that of cold calling. You may use some form of it and not know it. Cold calling can be anything from a phone call to a random conversation to an email. Each way can make use of a Prezi presentation.

When you call someone, ask for a brief 5 minutes to explain to them what you are calling about. Better yet, ask them to let you show them while they are on the phone. Send them the remote present Prezi link and ask them to open it on a computer or tablet; now you have them engaged verbally and visually.
Prezi presentations are dynamic in the realm of the portability. I know that not everyone carries an iPad or iPhone, but for those that do, here is your in. Once the Prezi presentation is downloaded to your device, you can present it anywhere without internet. A casual conversation leads to a quick demonstration on your device and your lead moves down the sales funnel. Imagine equipping your sales force with presentations on the go.
Emails get tricky with Prezi presentations. The trick is to have a picture with an embedded Prezi link. The picture should be appropriate to have the lead click on it. They are in control of the Prezi presentation, so you need to grab them from the first click.

Other Means Of Client Acquisition

These may only be a few ways leads are generated, but the general concept is the same. What do you need to present to the lead to move them down the funnel? Don’t overload or burn them out. A simple 5 minute Prezi presentation will have them engaged and get them to ask more questions. Lead them down the sales process, convert them into a customer.

Prospect Follow-Up

The normal step after initial contact with a lead is the follow-up. There are several ways this is done. You need to keep this lead fully engaged with you and your company. When you send them additional information, why wouldn’t a Prezi presentation make sense. You want to keep consistent with your brand and image. They are already becoming familiar with the way you present to them.

Call Back

Calling a client back should come with a disclaimer to have their computer available. Be ready to present to them remotely and move more slowly through the presentation. Prezi presentation can be the magic wand right here and convert directly into a sale.


A white paper gives a more detailed explanation of what it is you do. Now take that white paper and convert it into a Prezi so you can focus in on the narrow details as well as zoom out to the whole concept. You can even embed videos to personally speak to the viewer. No matter how you follow up with a lead, a Prezi presentation will make the prospect to customer conversion much easier.

Point of Sale

The point of sale is one of the most ideal spots to use a Prezi presentation in your sales cycle. Here you can accomplish many goals and shorten the needed conversation cycles to move your prospect forward to a paying client. Here is a great pattern to use in your Prezi presentation for the point of sale.

Needs Evaluation

Using examples of your work in your Prezi presentation you are showing to your prospect that you will help evaluate their needs. With the non-linear use of Prezi, you don’t have to go through examples that don’t apply to them. The visual world you have in front of them will help shorten the time it takes to understand what they need.

Pricing Guide

You can easily tailor your pricing and make adjustments prior to sending your Prezi to a prospect. This doesn’t always apply when you have a fixed break down. For returning clients that you want to offer a discount to, they can see on screen how the math works and the numbers line up. Using the Prezi presentation to convey your pricing guide will make it easier for your prospect to follow you.

Next Step Guiding

After the pricing is agreed on, a customer will want to know what the next steps are. No problem. Show them how the steps work and what they should expect with your Prezi presentation. You don’t have to go full detailed here. They best way is with some simple icons that show the forward steps after the sale.

Master Your Sales Process: Prezi Style

Defining your sales process allows for optimization. All of the details and individual steps are important to making your process and business successful.  Take the time to write down your sales process in a concise, easy to follow flow chart. Doing so, you’ll be able to see and repair the broken spots and know where to strategically place your Prezi presentation.
Still not sure how a Prezi can help your sales process or just not sure where to place it? Let us help. Contact us or comment below for help with your sales process.

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