Do you ever see someone giving a presentation with shivering hands and fumbling tongue, like a robot reading witty jokes in a whispering tone in “book mode?” The slide behind him is moving like an old “clunker” car who is counting its last moments with the cough of pausing again and again with a shuddering voice. I can bet you won’t be able to endure him more than a few minutes according to your patience (or because of job compulsion).

A professional and well-seasoned presentation can become a mandatory malaise and mental torture for your audience. It would give birth to several flames burning in your mind: What? My presentation was complete with all the ingredients relevant to the topic—why was Johnny laughing with his friends when I was delivering the climax of my presentation? Why did they leave so early? Why did I get the lowest marks even after giving the best content?

This all happened from not delivering your best content in the best way. Remember, even gold needs to be made presentable to be useful, otherwise it is just a biscuit of dirty metal unworthy of being displayed at the crucial moment. In the same way, even the best content will only remain the property of papers only, without the garnishing of visual experience. If you are providing your material on the screen with great animation and result, believe me, no one can snatch your promotion.

So, don’t be grieved. Pull up your sleeves; get ready because you are going to impress your whole industry! Prezi is now giving you an opportunity to make your presentations distinctive by its amazing 3D backdrop feature, which will open the new horizons of success for your team.


For making your presentation interested and well organized. The background feature of Prezi provides you a three-dimensional speculator of high quality for visualizing your inner essence. It is like a series of veil under a veil which is going to explore another veil.


Don’t you want to give something different? A memorable adventure, which will be printed on the minds of your audience for a long time? (And a promotion due to your well composed research and performance?) Then what are you waiting for? There are millions of people using the same bland format and colorless theme in their presentations. Add some color in the colorless presentation and make a pleasurable impact on the minds of the spectators. The background is an important part of any presentation. Here we will discuss some the fundamentals of how a 3-dimensional Prezi can make your presentation worth seeing:


You can bring your spectators to a beautiful journey of fantasized experiences from your presentation by using Prezi‘s 3D cinematic feature. It is the best way to plunge out your inner arguments in the form of regular adventures—even something that could not be explained through the language but it covers all the aspects through visualization.


We remember the storybooks of our childhood with the colorful, situational pictures which always led us to fantasize—and how can we forget the alphabet book, with the pictures relevant to the letters? A FOR APPLE and a picture of an apple attracts us more than the A.

Psychology says that a visualized experience puts a great mark on long-term memory and helps people learn more easily and rapidly. So, Prezi uses this psychological trick for making your presentation well remembered. It assures the conditioning of your minds. It plays with the psyche of humans.


You can highlight the important points of your presentation by the beautiful highlighting effect occupied by Prezi’s 3D features. You can depict your important issues by using a picture and a beautiful background through the use of this technique. It would help you to bring your climax in a powerful, effective way and avoid the occurrence of any jumbling.

A quotation by any famous writer can be accompanied with the picture of the writer or any situational imagery; the atmosphere or culture could be shown in a more visualized way, the pictures of their customs, traditions and attires. You can also show each and every aspect of your presentation by Prezi 3D cinematic effects.


You can give a sudden cinematic effect to a situational joke which will produce laughter to reduce any weariness and will make your presentation more interesting. Prezi is very conscious for giving you an alternative for presentation.

Laughter and sudden tricky shocks make you fresh, and through this technique you can give an energy drink to your viewers, making their attention and appreciation guaranteed.


Prezi ensures the high pixels more than any other software. It provides the range of a maximum 3000 pixels wide, which is ideal for a presentation. It also helps you in the smooth functioning of the cinematic backdrop. The curtain-by-curtain proceedings keep the viewers curious for exploring the next blast. High pixels and high resolution are the key features of cinematic presentations. Having good scenery but without clarity is detrimental for your whole work.

Moreover, Prezi paves the ways to make your presentation richer and more fulfilling with its uniformity and different techniques. The prize is a source of your development, to plunge out the creativity hidden under your skin. It gives you the platform to presenting the presentations of all the professional spheres of your life.

Be a follower and pave your ways to fly with Prezi in the horizons of success, not only your success but the success of your whole community.

At wOw Prezi, we rebel against PowerPoint’s status quo and are in a mission to save the world from deadly PPTs, helping sales teams to transform stiff, slide-based presentations into fruitful, revenue-generating conversations.

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