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I’m sure you’ve witnessed at least one terrible presentation throughout the length of your career. You know, the kind of performance that has an ever-present ability to lull you into a conscious realm of sleep.  With an intensely nervous individual, who seems to fidget always, as they struggle to get past the lump in their throat, long enough to enunciate the words in a voice that is audible.

An immersive 3D experience with our Prezi Awards Winner, Save the Ocean, Prezi Presentation and Template.

As if that wasn’t enough to cause frustration, their presentation materials are equally as bland and underwhelming as the instructor. A logical deduction can bring us to the conclusion that you will be unable to muster the strength to sit through too much of this torture.

Fact is, professional presentations can frequently be looked at as monotone and boring wastes of time and mental space for the audience. Nope, it’s not because the information is unimportant, or even uninteresting, which leads you to the burning questions that creep up throughout these types of presentation failures. Questions like: ‘Why is Abraham over there falling asleep?’ Or ‘What made Analiese walk out so soon?’

The answers to these questions and any other ones that you may have flowing in the back of your mind is that your delivery was lacking in one or more areas. Well, if we’re honest, your delivery was probably lacking in all of the KEY areas. People get complacent; they tend to believe that everyone will find as much value in something as they do. But the truth is that to make people appreciate something that you’re presenting; you’re going to need to spruce up the presentation itself. That means making it more than just words and hand gestures. It means adding a visual experience that you won’t be able to get elsewhere.

Put together the right words, with the proper visual aids, amazing animations, and intense excitement, and the winning belongs to you! This may sound a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Prezi is about to assist you in the opening of many doors by offering you the chance to make your presentation POP! How? With a distinctive 3D backdrop feature and much, much more.


Using the Prezi background feature puts you a step above the rest by allowing you to keep your presentation well organized, within a three-dimensional speculator. Optimizing your personal vision and inner essence has never been easier than it is with Prezi 3D.



Don’t be Boring… Be Brilliant! I’m sure you would love to do something different, something that will be so powerful that it will be forever imprinted on the minds of your audience. (And, might even earn you that promotion!)  Well, stop wishing to do better, and finally make the changes that you have been yearning to make. Every day there are other individuals that are eager to knock you off of your top spot. Don’t let them reach your level! Transform the bland expectations of colorless and lacking presentation themes, and make an impact on the pleasure senses of your audience members’ minds. The background is an important part of any presentation and the perfect starting point. So let’s discuss some of the basics of how Prezi 3D can make your presentation worth seeing:



Expand your deepest arguments into adventures, or even depict, otherwise unexplainable aspects of an internal working process, by utilizing visualizations. Prezi 3D is able to take your audience on an amazing journey through the use of the cinematic feature capabilities.



Everyone has memories from their childhood. A lot of those memories are similar in some respects. Memories such as the children’s books that our parents read to us. You know, the ones with all the colors and situation based pictures.

Psychology says that a visualized experience has a positive impact on the long-term memory and helps the learning process to go along with ease. Prezi uses this psychological method for making your presentation memorable. This process ensures mental conditioning, as it plays with the psyche of humans.



We assist you in the enhancement of your presentation and main points, by offering many additional features with Prezi’s 3D cinematic Effects. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Highlighting Feature
  • Image Enhancers
  • Situational Imagery
  • Atmospheric Enhancements
  • Climactic Additives


Be sure to add a surprising cinematic effect by inserting some sort of situational joke. The  production of  laughter will help to reduce any weariness while, at the same time making your presentation more interesting. Prezi is very conscious of giving you an alternative for the presentation.

Laughter and sudden tricky shocks make you fresh, and through this technique you can give an energy drink to your viewers, making their attention and appreciation guaranteed.


Providing a maximum range of 3000 pixel width, Prezi ensures a higher pixel quality than any other competing software. Not to mention, a pixel width of 3000 makes for an ideal presentation. It also aids in the overall functionality of the cinematic backdrop. The curtain-by-curtain proceedings keep the viewers curious as they anxiously await the next blast. High pixels and high resolution are the key features of cinematic presentations because to have a great scenery, aligned with a poor clarity, would be detrimental to the entire project.

Moreover, Prezi paves the ways to make your presentation richer and more fulfilling with its uniformity and different techniques. The prize is a source of your development, to plunge out the creativity hidden under your skin. It gives you the platform for presenting the presentations of all the professional spheres of your life.

Be a follower and pave your ways to fly with Prezi in the horizons of success, not only your success but the success of your whole community.

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