How To Use Prezi to Optimize Learning

Finding a topic and performing research can be intensely overwhelming, but the same can be said for the actual presentation that is the culmination of all of your hard work. Seriously, after all of that work that you’ve done with gathering information, separating useful and pointless knowledge, and finally building your project, you are also in need of finding sources to use, noting every step, giving credit where credit is due… Should I go on?

So, there is finally a way that proves useful to both students, and instructors alike, and that way of relief is Prezi. With Prezi, we are able to effectively put together the important aspects in a way that will easily relay the message to whichever audience you may be presenting to.


3D’s to Consider
  • Dialogue: Be sure to be aware of all of the things that are being said by all of the participants, and ‘sources’ that are intertwined within your research. Also, ensure that you are using the type of conversational structure that is going to be relatable to your audience.
  • Disputes: Put the frames together in a way that tackles both sides of the argument. Unless you are going in to just represent your side of things, without showing and refuting the possible opposing views, it is imperative that you look at every angle of the issue. This makes you look like you have honestly done your research.
  • Description:  It is funny how our brain works. We are stimulated by visual means, and in the case of presentations, the use of visuals is an intense need. But, what are a whole bunch visual aids, without a story to go along with them? Adding a storyline to your presentation will keep your audience engaged and intrigued.

So, how does the use of Prezi help? It’s simple!

  • There is an undeniable ease in the summarization and evaluation of any pertinent information. Prezi makes it easy to hone in on what your focus will be, and eliminate excessive text.
  • Prezi’s also assists in the building and developing a scripted outline that will depict an actual storyline for your presentation. Yes, a script. Although a lot of PowerPoints are done by simply piecing things together, Prezi’s are known for the superior quality and that is why it is suggested that you follow an outline.
  • A full design becomes easy! Because of the script that you’ve developed in Step 2, compiling all of the content is a breeze.

Okay, there may be a few other ways to complete these outlines, however, there are several advantages to using  Prezi:

  • Feedback: Not only can your present within large and small groups alike, but you are also able to sit and converse with your audience, switching between frames and engaging in necessary conversation.
  • Creative Development Power:  You are able to be involved throughout every step of the way. Have a part in the actual design and make-up of your Prezi.

These are only a couple of the innumerable ways that you are able to present better using the Prezi platform. There are, however, many more. Simply look through our other blogging pages to see what other little tidbits there might be.



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