Let’s face it, the world has gotten smaller. At the same time, it has gotten larger. With the advances in technology, you can now take a simple phone call and make it a live event. Your presentations have even kicked it up several levels. Prezi’s remote presentation feature gives you the ability to travel thousands of miles to a board room with the click of a button. Instead of just talking about this amazing feature, we are going to show you how to use it from a technical viewpoint.

Setting up the Presentation

You have a game changing meeting that is hundreds of miles from your office. A conference call has worked in the past. Then comes the screen sharing technology that really made a difference. But there were quality issues with this. Lagging, frozen, and completely absent. Everyone has to have the same software. Annoying! All that is changed with Prezi’s Remote presentation feature.

You start by signing up for a Prezi account. If you are just getting started and don’t need to keep your content private, the free account is perfect for you. Once you have your account made and your presentation built, you need to know how to remote present it hundreds of miles away. Make it feel like you are right in the room and not lose quality of what you’re presenting.

Creating The Link

The first step is to create the remote presentation link. With this link you can send it off to as many as 30 people on any device. Mobile uses will need to install the Prezi app (it’s free).

Then you click the Present remotely button and the drop down menu opens. Press the copy button. Now you can send this link by:

+ Email

+ Text Message

Instant Message

+ Any other method you find perfect to get it to another device

Starting The Remote Presentation

Now that you have sent the link off to your audience, it’s time to start the remote presentation. Once it has loaded, you will see the first screen and all the participants.

You can now drive the presentation in real time to them. The quality stays crystal clear. You even can pass the controls off to one of the participants. If you decided to have more than one presenter and you are not in the same location, no worries. Just click on their profile icon on the right. You have the option to hand over controls.

Check out our Prezi on how to use Prezi for Remote Presentation:

Simple, Easy, and Powerful

Now you can drive your presentations remotely without any additional software. Quality isn’t lost, which can really kill your message if it cannot be seen. Using remote presentations in this way makes you stand out.

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