You send a presentation to a prospect. Now you wait.
Was it a PDF or a PPT? Did they look at it?
You have no control once you hit send. Yeah, you can use software to track if they opened it, but did they see it to the end?
That scenario happens all the time in many sales processes. It doesn’t have to be that way. Prezi’s remote present feature plugs those leaky holes.

Eliminate Guess Work with Remote Present: Did They Watch It?

Many sales processes deliver a PDF or a PPT for a client to view when they have time. Who has time? Why not show them while on the call? Screen sharing technology and meeting software destroys quality and doesn’t always work.
You have tried sending the presentation. They open it, you open it. Then you call them. Problem here is that, many times, they are on the wrong slide as you are talking to them.
So you send the presentation off because that is how your process works. But does it really work? You know it has a low response rate. Yet you stick with it. What would happen if you drive that presentation through a remote session? When it is done and they have time to think about it, they will want to go back and see it.
Problem is, you sent it to them so they can view it on their own. Your solution of sending it to them for their own leisure is the hole. You lose the power of human interaction. You have no real open line of communication. A conversation. People do business with people.
They return to this presentation you sent them and find their own answers. They know now. Then life and business takes control again. They don’t pick the phone up or go to your website and grab your solution.

Take Charge of a Prospect’s Experience: Remote Present Style

All of that is me preaching to the choir. As you read this you already know all too well how this happens all the time. Let’s plug this leak together.
Prezi has the Remote Present feature. With this, you create a web link that can be shared with 30 people. They open the link and see, in real time, your Prezi presentation. No quality loss here. Simply make a conference call and all invited can watch.
Here is where the real juice is. Once the presentation is done, you close the link. In 30 minutes, they can no longer go back and view the presentation. They never had control of it to begin with unless you handed it over.
Once everything sets in and they want to ask a question or see a part again, they can’t. Now, instead of finding their own answer and not acting on it, they call you. This is the magic. Now you can solve their problem and convert them to a happy client.

Higher Results: High Company Value

Now you will see higher results from using this method of presentation. The remote present feature is a major difference between you and the other guy. Take control of your prospect’s experience. We are a click or call away for your personal demonstration of a remote presentation.

At wOw Prezi, we rebel against PowerPoint’s status quo and are in a mission to save the world from deadly PPTs, helping sales teams to transform stiff, slide-based presentations into fruitful, revenue-generating conversations.

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