Remote presenting is a dynamic feature of Prezi. Normally I hear “oh cool”. The power of collaborating anywhere is far underestimated. Besides being able to present to Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices, you can also edit while remote presenting. Prezi’s remote presentation feature allows for seamless collaboration when working with people that can’t meet in person with me (or sometimes their own team). Here is a closer look at how it works:

Remote Presentation to Collaboratively Edit

Getting that fine polish on your Prezi presentation is most often, difficult. Your team is scattered, meeting in person isn’t an option, and emails take too long to move a project along. Prezi’s remote present feature allows the person in charge of creating the presentation to present right where each person is. With a click of a button, changes on the fly can be made.
Getting the exact message and the correct visuals can be time consuming. Especially when you can’t get everyone in the same place, at the same time. Here are the steps to ensure you shorten the time it takes to finish the edits on a presentation:

  1. Establish a meeting time.
  2. Send the remote present link
  3. Begin the presentation at the correct time. Everyone sees the same screen:
  4. As you drive the presentation, you can enter the “Edit” mode by clicking this button:
  5. Execute the edit and click the “Go Back” button:
  6. Now your whole team can see exactly how this revision looks on screen:

It’s really that simple. Take control of revision cycles and establish one voice inside your team. The remote present feature is a tool you need to take advantage of.

Situations Where This is a Solution

Typically, there are not 10 builders to the visual presentation for any situation. It is one person’s hands that do it. This makes collaboration editing (where everyone involved enters edit mode together) not a real solution when your people are scattered.
Here are some real life examples where this style of editing during remote presentation makes sense:

Members on Vacation

This happens. Someone on your team or in your office has a scheduled vacation that takes them out of town. Who knew it was going to be right before the deadline and they just won’t change their plans? If they don’t have an Android or iPhone, then they probably won’t be taking their laptop either and nothing will work. But for the team member that likes creative solutions, here is a great use for the remote presentation edit feature.

Multiple Office Locations

Many companies do business out of several locations. This is a great solution to the scattered locations. It is also a great way to simplify the process. Everyone sees the presentation as it will look when presented. The bonus is that everyone can make their comments, and the changes can happen in real time to all of your viewers.

Home Office Based Team

This has become more than a trend. Even large corporations have now began to employ people to work from their home office. This is a master solution to having team members that rarely to never make a physical appearance. The connectivity it brings is out of this world. Beyond that, it lets the decision makers rest comfortably knowing they made the right decision to cut costs for the company and employee by creating remote office positions.

First Hand Use

When consulting people on their presentation needs, there are sometimes setbacks and delays. Presentations are not always the main priority. The sales and marketing departments don’t always agree on what the exact content needs to be.
This slows the process by creating a string of messages between both departments and us. Prezi stamps that out at the source. Once there exists a lack of communication between parties, I use the above 6 steps to quickly and productively eliminate the gap.
Instead of days going by and emails being sent at will, a direct conversation is held and the edits are viewed in real time. All parties involved have a voice. They can productively and creatively participate. Right then, a team-building moment is created as a by-product.

Prezi Remote Presentation: Collaborating and Team Building

Now you know how a simple feature adds deep value to you and your team. You bring your company voice together with consensus, editing in real time is a team building experience, and you slash the time it takes to go through the creation cycle.
Any questions about Prezi features or how you can leverage Prezi in your company? Reach out to us with your questions and we will identify the best solution for you.

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