Six Principles to Make Prezi a Breeze

There is an undeniably large benefit from adding a visual story to any type of presentation. Not only are you able to convey the message that you are desiring to send to your audience, but you are also able to do it in an effective and retainable manner. Throughout my time, I have come across 6 steps that, when followed, ensure that every presentation that I am involved in, is a huge success. Those are the six steps that I am going to be going over with you within this piece. When implementing these 6 basic principles of design, you will assuredly hit your mark.

1. Center in on your story

With this point in the process, it is imperative that you develop a Prezi that hones in on exactly what your audience is looking for. That, in turn, means that you will have to develop a story that is, not only attention grabbing from the start, but also rich in content. Take the time to review what the audience is seeking to understand at the end of the presentation, but also what you are looking for them to understand, what information you are looking for them to retain. Because we live in a society that places a lot of interest in self-satisfaction, try to tell a story that garners their attention, by making it ‘their’ story.

2. Don’t Overdo It

One of the mistakes that we see most, is the elemental overload. Yes, there is such a thing, and people seem to be really great at it. I know… It seems awesome to finally know how to put together this new age, visual presentation. But, what we can’t neglect to remember, is that our brains are capable of being overloaded… And too much of anything will definitely do that. In order to keep your audience interested, keep it simple and speak through the complex areas.

3. Visually Enhanced Date

This point will be fairly short, because it is, to me, pretty obvious. Business meetings are typically filled with massive amounts of data. Remember that statement that was made a bit earlier, about the brain being overloaded, well that definitely applies to reading piece after piece, line after line of crunched numbers. Instead, put your data into the presentation by way of charts, graphs, and visual enhancements.

4. Metaphoric Memories

My clients love it when I take them on a visual ride, giving them pieces of their childhood, all balled up into my presentations. Metaphoric memory tapping is a great way to retain the attention of the audience, as well as to make an imprint onto their memory.

5. Unite the structure

Be sure to connect each frame to the previous ones. Although this can be a bit difficult, it is actually pretty easy if you script out your plans in advance. Keep your audience from becoming overwhelmed and confused, by ensuring that your presentation is seamless and easily understood.

6. Remain constant

Keep your fonts and style consistent, while containing high quality and dynamic style. Even though they can be overlooked as simple differences, the smallest changes are always something that the subconscious will notice.

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