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2 easy ways to use Prezi images

Images are essential in a presentation; because images work faster on audiences than words. The best Prezi presentations use visual metaphors to replace ideas and text; thus, a connection is built between the audience and the presenter.

Let’s go back to our infancy and recall what made books enjoyable; I assure you that every kid goes for books with more illustrations and pictures than a book full of words. Presentations work in the same way, if someone presents a dull PowerPoint deck top of wordy slides, take a look at the audience, most of them will be sleepy, waiting for the presentation to end.

The big deal is when we have to think of an image metaphor to replace our words so people can convey our message. Luckily, Prezi Present has made this process a lot easier. Today, Prezi is in partnership with Unsplash, a massive library of royalty-free images ready to use in your presentation. Either way, if you are a paid user or a free user, you will access some cool images to create better presentations.

How to access the royalty-free image library?

A great advantage is that we can access the Unsplash library directly from the Prezi editor, having the possibility to search and view the images before importing them to our project. To do a proper search, we need to make it by keywords, and some related images will show up in the library. We can then click on the chosen one or drag and drop it where we want it in the presentation.

The Noun Project library

There is also an extensive icon library powered by Noun Project, in which icons are displayed and divided into different categories. Icons work as image metaphors, too, and it is up to us to find the best way to express a message through them. 

There are more than 50,000 icons available that are fully scalable, meaning that you can zoom in as close as you want without worrying about them getting pixelated or fuzzy. The only disadvantage is that the Noun Project library of icons is available for paid users; free users will have only a few icons available.

Use your own images

Although there is a possibility to use the Prezi library to save our valuable creations and use them again in different presentations, importing images for external resources is another option.

For instance, Prezi allows us to upload images from your computer, so if you are working on a project and have already chosen the right images, you can upload them whenever you need it. 

An alternative is to copy and paste images from other sources into your presentation, but always be careful to check the image’s copyright.

Which image file formats are allowed?

If you want to bring your images into your Prezi presentation, there are two image file formats allowed by Prezi, JPG, and PNG.

JPG and PNG’s main difference is that JPG images have a solid background, with no-transparency; PNG images, instead, have a transparent background, which has a nicer harmony and results with the presentation.

As a visual presentation medium, Prezi relies on images to communicate your message. It depends on you which images would you choose to build a connection with your audience.



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