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To Paris: A Tribute

Last week, after learning of the horrific terror attacks in Paris, our hearts broke. They broke for the victims, their families and for people all over the world who felt the sting and pain. To the victims and their families, our thoughts and prayers are with you...

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Prezi Presentation honoring Veteran’s Day

On this Veterans Day, we want to commemorate the fine servicemen and women who’ve bravely served our great country. We honor your strength; we appreciate your service and we value your dedication. You never hesitated to answer the call of duty. You persevered through...

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3 Tips to Selling with a Prezi Presentation

Presentations, especially Prezi presentations, provide the service of mass communication while still maintaining a sense of personal interaction. They give the salesman the ability to showcase every angle of their product and can use the human psyche to their...

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