* This article is about Prezi Classic. Look here if you are looking for Prezi Next Templates

Instructions to Download Prezi Classic Templates

Find a list with all the Prezi Classic Templates HERE

Step 1 – Login

First, you’ll have to go to www.prezi.com and log in. If you don’t Sign up first.

Step 2 – Open

After you sign up at Prezi.com, you will be given a large collection of prezi templates from which to choose. Click on the one you want and the download will begin. When the download finishes, start the process by clicking on the title of the prezi in the upper left corner of your prezi web page. You will be automatically sent to the Prezi website, where you can easily make changes to your presentation.

Find a full list of Prezi Classic Templates HERE

Step 3- Copy

After you begin editing, you will see the option public & reusable in the lower right corner on your screen. This means that the Prezi template you want to use is intended to be copied. Once clicked you will see a Save a Copy button in the lower center. Click on it to copy the Prezi.

In the picture below you can see the Prezi appearing in your own account. After the prezi has been moved into your account, you can start editing it as you wish.

Step 4 – Rename

Be sure to rename the Prezi you are working on once you’ve exited the editor. Just click the pencil next to the title (it will probably be “Untitled Prezi”) and change it to whatever is appropriate for your presentation, then click save.

Step 5 – Edit

Now just explore the dynamic world of Prezi making by using free Prezi templates from either Prezi.com or wOw Prezi! Edit it, personalize it, make it your own. You’ll be glad you did when you see how it leaves PowerPoint presentations in the dust!

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